Suspects Start to Talk in Family Murder Case


The investigation into the brutal murder of a family of three in Kampial, South Kuta, last month has been hampered by contradictory statements given by the key suspects, police have said.

Five suspects have so far been arrested over the murder of I Made Purnabawa, 28, his wife Ni Luh Ayu Sri Mahayoni, 27, and their nine-year-old daughter Ni Wayan Krisna Ayu Dewi.

The family disappeared from their home in South Kuta on February 14. Their decomposed bodies were found the following week at the side of the main Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway.

The family’s driver, Heru Hardiyanto, and his wife, Ni Putu Anita, who had also lived in the house at the Kampial Residence housing complex, were subsequently arrested for the killings after a police hunt traced them to Situbondo in East Java.

Police told reporters that Hardiyanto had organised the murder of his employers because he was bitter at the way they had treated him, paying him less than had been promised and abusing his son. He is believed to have stolen and sold the car he was employed to drive after the killing.

Three other men, identified as Safaat, also known as Herman, Abdul Kadir and Sugiono, were also arrested as accomplices.

Denpasar Police said this week that while all three men were believed to have taken part in the killing and disposal of the bodies under Hardiyanto’s orders, the exact nature of events was not yet clear.

Herman has openly admitted to battering Made Purnabawa do death with a piece of wood, after being promised money by Hardiyanto.

“I came to help to kill someone. I wanted to help in the murder because Heru (Hardiyanto) had promised me a payment of Rp20 million, but I still haven’t received it,” he said during a press conference last Friday at Denpasar Police headquarters.

Meanwhile, Abdul Kadir said that Hardiyanto had promised him Rp10 million once the stolen car had been sold.

Sugianto denies taking part in the actual murder.

“I only helped dispose of the body. I didn’t do any killing. I was given Rp1 million for my part,” he said.

Sugiono’s statement contradicts those given by Abdul Kadir and Hardiyanto himself, both of who have told officers that the family were killed by Abdul Kadir, Herman, Sugiono and another man named Hadi, who is still being sought by police. According to their statements, Hardiyanto gave instructions, but he and his wife only watched as their employers were battered to death, and did not take part.

Police spokesman IB Made Sarjana said that the hunt for the sixth suspect was still underway.

“We have officers from both Bali and Denpasar Police hunting the remaining suspects in Central Java at the moment,” he said, adding as well as suspected perpetrator, Hadi, another man, Assad, suspected of organising the sale of the murdered family’s car, was also being sought in Central Java.

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