Bin Laden Funded Bali Bombs, Witness Claims


Osama bin Laden paid for the 2002 Bali bombs, according to a witness at the trial of terrorist suspect Umar Patek.

Convicted terrorist Mohammad Ihsan, also known as Idris, was appearing at a hearing at West Jakarta District Court on Monday, to provide evidence in the case against Patek, who was arrested in Pakistan and extradited to Indonesia last year.

Patek is accused of planning and building the bombs which killed 202 people on 2 October 2002 at the Sari Club and Paddy’s Bar in Kuta.

Ihsan told the court that Osama bin Laden had provided US$30,00 to fund the attacks.

“The money came from Osama,” he said.  No previous evidence has emerged showing a direct link to the late al-Qaeda leader in the Bali bombings.

Ihsan said that the cash was used to buy the vehicles and bomb-making materials used in the plot, while other money came from elsewhere.

“There were actually other funds, but I don’t know where they came from,” he said.

Ilsan, who was released in 2009 after serving five years of a ten-year jail term for his role in the attacks, also said that all of the bombers were given funds of Rp500,000 during a meeting after the attacks to enable them to flee Bali.

“What I remember is that during the evaluation, it was discussed how we should flee and each of us was given Rp 500,000 by Mukhlas to flee,” he said.  Mukhlas, also known as Ali Ghufron, was executed in 2008 for his part in the plot.

Umar Patek, regarded as a former head of Indonesia terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, is on trial for masterminding the 2002 attacks and faces the death penalty if found guilty.

Ihsan told the court that he had seen Patek building the bombs used in the attacks.

“I saw him assembling the explosives when I delivered food to the house that had been rented to build the bombs,” he said; “I didn’t see exactly what he used to make the bombs, but I saw that the raw materials for the bombs sent from Lamongan [in East Java] had been unpacked.”

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