Flooded Families Set for Relocation


The Jembrana authorities plan to build a series of semi-permanent houses for the people forced to flee their homes after incursions by recent powerful waves.

The Jebrana regency’s Head of Public Relations, Suherman, said on Sunday that the authorities were currently looking for land in the region to build the houses.

“Since it is unlikely that the residents will be able to continue to live in tents as they are now, we need to prepare a temporary shelter for them until they can be relocated,” he said.

The recent storms and high tides battered coastal communities in Jembrana.  20 houses in Pengambengan Village in Negara were flooded, as were properties inYehsumbul in Mendoyo District, and in Candikusuma Village in Melaya, a community which has long been affected by coastal erosion.

According to Suherman, the authorities are planning to permanently relocated the affected families from Candikusuma as coastal erosion is a serious issue there.  However, he said that the construction of permanent houses would have to wait until an adjustment of the 2012 regency budget, as the current disaster fund was not sufficient to pay for the project.

He said that the authorities would communicate the reasons for the delay to the affected families to ensure that they did not feel they were being neglected.

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