Bali Girl Wins Miss Indonesia


Bali local Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra has been named Miss Indonesia 2012 during a beauty pageant in Jakarta.

Ines was chosen from among 33 hopefuls during the contest Kemayoran in Jakarta at the weekend. She was chosen by a four-strong judging team consisting of Liliana Tanoe Sudibyo, Martha Tilaar, Ferry Salim and Harry Darsono.

“I am very happy because she is different from the other participants, especially in the field of sport. All of them are winners. Of the 700 participants, there were 33 selected as finalists. Hopefully they can spread the wealth and beauty of Indonesia,” said Marta Tilaar after the event.

“Ines performed well, her insights were so good, and her English was good too. Choosing a single winner was extremely difficult. Hopefully Ines will represent Indonesia in Miss World 2012,” said another juror, Ferry Salim.

Ines was born in Denpasar on 5 September 1989. She is an professional golfer, and has won medals in the sport, becoming the youngest woman to win the Governor’s Cup Bali Golf Tournament, and joining the Indonesian national golf team.

Ines said she was proud to have been chosen as Miss Indonesia.

“I am very happy and did not think I could be Miss Indonesia,” she said; “Over the years, I’ve loved to do activities, especially in education and health.”

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