Russian Drug Runners Caught


Two Russian citizens have been arrested for attempting to smuggle hashish into Bali.

Thirty-year-old Alexander Simonov was arrested last Tuesday and 43-year-old Sergei Chernykh, an art designer, was arrested after arriving in Bali on a Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

Head of customs at Ngurah Rai airport Made Wijaya said both men had swallowed capsules containing the drug.

“We were suspicious because their stomachs were hard. We then detected hashish capsules in their stomachs after an X-ray scan,” he said.

The two cases are not thought to be connected, but both men are believed to have bought the drugs in India, which they had both visited before travelling to Bali.

Simonov, a yoga teacher, was found to have a total of 88 capsules of hashish in his intestines, weighing 915 grams.

“The process to take all the hashish out of his stomach was quite long and difficult as he was not cooperative,” Wijaya said.

Chernykh had swallowed 359 capsules weighing a total 695 grams.

According to Wijaya the drugs had a total street value of around Rp966 million rupiah. Hashish and other cannabis products have a significantly higher street value in Indonesia than in India or many western countries.

Wijaya said both men faced a possible death penalty under anti-narcotics laws if found guilty.

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