New Look: Bali’s Tourist Police got an image revamp this week, when colourful vans and uniforms were rolled out during a ceremony at police headquarters in Denpasar. Tourist Police are also brushing up on their English-language skills. Photograph by Juliyusman Sine/The Bali Times

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  1. Shane Says:

    So the Bali tourist police are exactly the same as normal police? Unlike other countries where the tourist police are usually overseas locals able to deal with drunken yahoo Aussies and other tourists a lot easier than more local people .. I was wanting to volunteer my services having been in security in Australia for over 25 years and now staying in Kerobokan. Other countries find this very affective rather than having a lot of miscommunication between local tourist police and police. For sure any serious things MUST be handled by the real Police but minor things like scuffles etc can easily be dealt with by Volunteer police. Thailand has it and it works a treat, Phuket could never survive without it. Look into it and if you have the need for local tourists to enlist, by all means give me a call or email me on aabove address. Regards Shane
    0812 4606 1101

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