Dengue on the Rise in Denpasar


Cases of dengue fever are on the rise in Denpasar, health officials have announced.

Speaking on Wednesday, head of the municipal health department Luh Sri Armini said there had been a marked increase in occurrence of the mosquito-borne disease between January and April.

“The number of dengue fever cases reached 200 during the period,” she said.

Armini said that dengue cases usually spiked towards the end of the wet season as rainfall began to decrease, leaving standing water as ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. However, she said that so far in 2012 the city had seen fewer recorded dengue cases than last year in the same period.

“In 2011, there were reportedly 300 dengue fever cases during in the same period,” she said, adding that there had been no reported casualties from the disease, which causes a high fever, and, in extreme cases, haemorrhaging.

Armini said there had been a month-on-month rise in cases since January, and that cases could continue to rise this month before hopefully beginning to tail off at the end of June. However, she warned that a major outbreak of the disease was still possible, and so Denpasar’s mayor IB Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra had organised a mosquito eradication campaign this week.

The campaign began with a mass spraying of the Arga Soka Park with insecticides on Monday. Programs to clean neighbourhoods and improve drainage and sanitation will also take place.

“It requires a strong commitment from the whole community to lead healthy lives and to improve their housing complexes and surrounding areas,” Armini said, adding that more spraying with insecticide would take place in coming weeks.

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