Forecasts for week beginning May 12, 2012.

By Jonathan Cainer

Venus, this week, stands still in the zodiac. We will still see it shining brightly soon after sunset and we’ll still notice it slowly slipping under the horizon a short while later. But, though it continues to move vertically, it won’t have lateral movement. Astrologers have long read meaning into this impressive optical illusion, caused by the velocity of our own planet. As Venus is the planet of love, we consider this a chance for us all to stop and think again about what (and who) we love… and how we can find more love in our lives.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)
When does a good idea become a bad idea? When it isn’t properly thought through. When the impetus for acting on it becomes so compelling that the possible consequences are overlooked. Or when the drawbacks are given so much attention that they lead to a series of complex contingency plans that cost so much or take such effort, they negate all the potential advantages. You have got a good idea now. A very good idea. This week, you just need to be wise enough to take a balanced view of the implications.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)
Venus turns retrograde soon, and Mercury is in Taurus. Together, these two factors, suggest a delay or impediment – and a brilliant way to get around the difficulty. A problem is not really a problem if it can be easily solved. Nor does a solution count for much unless there is an apparently daunting problem to which it can be applied. So here you are blessed with everything you need for a successful week. If you can’t think what to do about an unsatisfactory situation, just keep thinking. You will see the answer.

GEMINI (May 22 – June 22)
You can do what you need to do. You just need to be willing to do it slowly. By nature you are adaptable and energetic. If you feel inspired, you hate having to wait around for the right moment to take action. You want to strike while the iron is hot. But if you strike too swiftly, you may only manage to make a lot of sparks fly. Somehow, you need to be more precise, more deliberate, more patiently determined. Your cause is worth fighting for. Your objective is worth attaining. Show it the respect it deserves. Go carefully.

CANCER (June 23 – July 23)
Soon another day will dawn. And then another. That’s what days do. They dawn and then, eventually, they come to a close. It is now beginning to seem as if each passing day is a test of your strength and endurance. If you can just about manage to get through one day at a time without succumbing to a negative emotion or a pressing worry, you feel mildly triumphant. You wish you could be more constructive, relaxed and more able to enjoy yourself. Yet, in allowing time to pass, you are engaging in a very healing process.

LEO (July 24 – August 23)
In your hand is a glorious prize. You now deserve the chance to revel in this hard-won gain. Just ahead of you there is a hole in the road. What is it doing there? Who has dug it? Why are there no barriers to prevent unsuspecting travellers from falling into it? You are so indignant about this potential pitfall, that all your positive energy is being diverted from its more natural home. Yet it poses no threat to you and you can easily take steps to help make it safe for others. Don’t be robbed of your magic moments this week.

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)
You are highly perceptive and incisive. Not only can you see what is happening around you, you can understand what lies behind it. That is why, on the rare occasions when you become baffled or bewildered by some strange situation, you feel particularly frustrated. You just can’t understand why the truth has become so elusive. This, in turn, makes you edgy and thus further clouds your judgement. Nobody can see straight when they feel uncomfortable. This week will bring you the clarity you seek, as long as you stay calm.

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)
It is as if you are waiting for someone to make a decision. A matter appears to be out of your hands. You yearn to see progress, yet it just isn’t happening. Perhaps there is a good reason for this. Try standing a little further back and thinking about the wider view of a situation. You are about to see what has been hidden from you – and as Venus changes direction, you are also about to understand more about your own power. It turns out that you are in a position to exert more influence than you currently realise.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)
This week, you can be a positive influence. You can help to defuse a stressful situation and encourage others to reach agreement over various points of conflict. But you can only do this successfully if you draw back from the temptation to take sides or fight people’s battles for them. The more impassioned you become, the less objective you will be. It may seem as if someone is calling out for your support but what they truly need (and deserve) from you is your wisdom. You have got more of this than you think.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)
The frying pan is hot but the fire that burns below it is hotter still. In order to avoid all risk of feeling, this week, as if you are being burned by the intensity of a pressing problem, you need to get as far away from it as you can. That means resisting the urge to simply swap one difficulty for another. Or to apply some short-term solution that will surely, eventually, make matters worse. You are being blessed with an opportunity to bring about a much-needed, fundamental change. That requires you to be brave and far-sighted.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)
Peter would like you to pay back the money that you borrowed in order to pay Paul! Paul won’t be happy unless Peter remains upset. I am speaking illustratively here. This is an analogy. The big issue in your life, this week, may not be financial but it definitely involves a struggle to satisfy the mutually exclusive needs of two contrasting characters. Peter and Paul may not be people. They could be aims or objectives. Perhaps, if you can’t satisfy either of them fully, you can at least find a way to give each of them a sop.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)
A complicated planetary picture suggests that this week, it will be all too easy for you to get caught up in a battle that you probably just can’t win. You can easily waste many hours in an effort to solve a problem that really has no satisfactory solution. Or you can absent yourself from the struggle and pursue a more rewarding objective instead. It is possible – and if you do this, you will be accused of self-indulgent escapism. But when you start coming up with impressive results, even your fiercest critics may yet change their tune.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)
I hold in my hand a postcard from the future. It is addressed to you. It says, ‘Hi, just wanted to let you know that I am having a lovely time here and things are looking surprisingly good. That issue, you know, the one I was so bothered about… Well, it sorted itself out quite nicely in the end. All the best. PS the weather is lovely, wish you were here.’ Oh look! At the bottom of the card there is a signature. How interesting. That is your name! So there. You see? You really don’t need to worry. Just proceed with confidence.

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