Meth Greek Jailed for 18 Years


A 36-year-old Greek bus driver was sentenced to 18 years in prison at Denpasar District Court on Tuesday, after being found guilty of trying to smuggle 4.2 kilograms of crystal-methamphetamine into Bali.

Prosecutors had been demanding a life sentences for Nikolaous Bouikidis.

Bouikidis was arrested at Ngurah Rai International Airport on 3 October after arriving on a Qatar Airways flight from Istanbul via Doha.

After his arrest he told police that he had been paid US$5,000 to courier the drugs, and had also been given a ticket to fly home after making his delivery.

Speaking during sentencing, judge Parulian Saragih said that Bouikidis had been found guilty under Article 113 of the 2009 Law on Narcotics.

“The defendant’s crime may taint the image of Bali island as a tourist destination,” he said.

Saragih said that Bouikidis was possibly a member of a Turkey-based international drugs syndicate.

“The value of the crystal methamphetamine in the illegal narcotics market may reach Rp10.5 billion, with an assumption that each gram is priced at Rp2.5 million,” he said.

Boukidis said that he was willing to accept his punishment after the verdict.

“I am stupid,” he said.

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