Bullies Bagged by Bali Cops


Denpasar police arrested six teenagers last week, for allegedly attacking and harassing their fellow students. All six were residents of a housing complex for the families of military personnel.

The six youths are understood to be between 16 and 17 years old, and have been identified as IGME, BAP, AF, GVA, YD and DMA. They were arrested on 1 May on Jl Panjaitan in the upmarket Renon district of Denpasar after allegedly attacking, beating and robbing two other teens, Ahmad Arlan, 17, and M Ahyar, on the street.

East Denpasar Police spokesman Ketut Suryanta said that the gang had taken the pair’s motorbike helmets and sold them for cash at a local pawn shop.

They had beaten them when they tried to resist the theft.

Denpasar Police chief I Wayan Sunartha said that all six youths had been temporarily detained at the city’s police headquarters.

“They have not been placed in the cells, as they are still underage,” Sunartha said.

Bali’s police have previously come under fire for heavy-handed treatment of underage suspects.

Sunartha said that the teenagers’ parents had all been informed of their alleged crimes. He said that all the youths were the children of serving Army personnel.

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