Karangasem Works to Save Farmland


The Karangasem regency government has slapped a preservation order on a large tranche of rice fields in an effort to save farmland from being converted to other uses.

Nyoman Siki Ngurah of the regency’s development planning office said that a total of 7000 hectares of agricultural land had been designated as a “green zone” and would be off-limits to developers. He said that the move would be part of a wider spatial plan for the regency.

Ngurah said that simply issuing the protected status would not be enough, and that the authorities would need to offer recompense to farmers and landowners to make it worth their while to save the land. He said that tax breaks and other financial incentives would be needed to encourage local people to see the value of retaining their fields for rice growing.

“The local administration must prepare various incentives, including property and land taxation, for farmers whose paddy fields are included in the green zone,” he said.

He added that the “green zone” plan was aimed at both preserving the environment and sustaining food production in Karangasem, currently one of Bali’s poorest and least developed regencies.

According to government statistics there is a total of 41,000 hectares of cultivated land in Karangasem, including 7000 hectares of irrigated rice land.

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One Response to “Karangasem Works to Save Farmland”

  1. Shane betts Says:

    Hi it’s about time they stopped developing rice field and filled in areas that are already developed infill land that is surrounded by hotels and villas
    The pollution in Bali is getting so bad that you look at it and don’t see it.
    The water running into the ocean it so bad with. Motor bikes being washed into creeks people using them as toilets throwing rubbish into them food scraps killing pigs all the crap that goes into the drains go to the sea
    So you go for a swin with the plastic smelly water and oil and get
    Ear and eye and stomach infections that make you sick and take weeks to get over
    Bali needs to clean up its act quickly not just take the money and say that’s someone else problem
    Tourist see all this and go to clean and safe places Asia is full of nice places to go

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