Islamic Hardliners Hurl Urine at Christians

A mob of 600 Islamic hardliners threw plastic bags filled with urine at an Indonesian church congregation celebrating the ascension of Christ, a lawyer said on Friday.

The attack, during which stones and dirt were also hurled, occurred on Thursday as around 100 Christians prepared to hold a service at a church in Bekasi, a city on the outskirts of the capital Jakarta.

Members of the Philadelphia Batak Christian Protestant Church have been targeted several times in recent years.

“They attacked when the priest started to speak to the congregation. A crowd of 600 people threw bags of urine and dirty water as they tried to push police,” a lawyer for the church, Judianto Simanjuntak, said.

“Police didn’t even try to disperse the crowd, so they were open to attack us.”

National police spokesman Saud Usman Nasution confirmed there was an incident and that “an investigation has started, although no one has been arrested.”

In 2009, the local administration ordered the church be shut down, but a provincial court overruled the decision, which was also upheld by the Supreme Court last year.

Several other churches in Bekasi have suffered attacks in recent years, the worst leaving a priest badly bashed and an elderly leader stabbed during a Sunday service in 2010.

Simanjuntak said that groups of Islamic hardliners had intimidated Christians in Bekasi several times this month and that leaders of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) had been spotted among them.

There has been more criticism this week that hardliners are wielding too much power in the country after the police Tuesday refused US pop singer Lady Gaga a permit to perform in Jakarta.

The FPI, which has carried out mob attacks in recent years on Islamic minority groups and Christians, promised chaos if the provocative performer entered the country.

Police also shut down several events held by Canadian writer Irshad Manji after the FPI held violent protests condemning Manji’s liberal views on Islam as well as her homosexuality.

Ninety percent of Indonesia’s population of 240 million identify themselves as Muslim but the vast majority practise a moderate form of Islam.

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5 Responses to “Islamic Hardliners Hurl Urine at Christians”

  1. Wilbur Force Says:

    Dirty filthy terrorists who hate every other human being who aren’t Islamist. Indonesia needs to clamp down on these idiots, all violent twisted men…haters of the free world who will do everything in their power to return the world to the dark ages again. The weak, useless Jakarta police force are in cohorts with these terrorists and should be arrested and jailed along with these criminals of society who pride themselves on being Islamist Revolutionaries or FPI…twisted, misguided creatures of hate who do not deserve to exist!

  2. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    This isn’t surprising that the police did not attempt to disperse the crowd. The FPI appears to be growing stronger by the day and the inaction by the police could suggest that the force is being contaminated by the FPI and this is a dangerous trend.

    It is a known fact that right wing Islamists in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia are sending large amounts of money to finance the FPI and enable it to create a repressive ultra right wing Islamist State.

    What is troubling is the fact that moderate Muslims appear to be subdued and do not come forward to agitate and voice their disagreement with the FPI on a national scale.

  3. Dominggus Says:

    When a religion is perverted to become a political vehicle then it can only produce rubbish. Worse even religion and weak government has teamed up to support each other; the ruling party can prolong its power and the persons of religion amass money and wealth.

    Indonesia is in the state of stagnant. It badly needs revolution, re-evolution, which means scholars must start thinking re-interpreting religious texts and bringing about the freshest contextual interpretation.Otherwise, religion and religious texts are source of calamity.

  4. Kadek Says:

    I am totally a shame to be Indonesian when something like this happened in my country including lady gaga concert controversy please love one another

  5. Realist Says:

    The government should put its foot down and send the retard FPI members to Saudi Arabia on a one way ticket to serve as the Saudi domestic helpers! Let’s see how much they will like their Arab masters after one year under their employ!

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