Balinese Scientists Win Big Grants


Seven Indonesian scientists have won research grants provided by USAID worth US$800,000, aimed at preserving marine biodiversity and the environment, US government spokesperson said.

“Indonesia gets more grants compared with other countries,” said assistant to the US foreign minister, Kerri-Ann Jones, on Tuesday after the First Indonesia-US Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) on Science and Technology which was also attended by the US Ambassador to Indonesia Scot Marciel.

The seven scientists who received the grants are Sang Putu Kaler from Mahasaraswati University, Rudi Febriansyah from Andalas University, IGNK Mahardika from Udayana University, Frida Sidik from the Research Institute and Marine Observation of Marine and Fisheries Ministry, Abdul Hamid Toha from Papua State University, Gusti Z Anshari from Tanjungpura University and Jamaluddin Jompa from Hasanuddin University.

Each of the scientists has a US research partner to carry out the research activities in Indonesia.

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2 Responses to “Balinese Scientists Win Big Grants”

  1. wayan Says:

    Proud to be a Balinese 🙂 Om Swastyastu

  2. Cha Says:

    So much is going on in Bali (Indonesia), full of negative news, and this is totally very uplifting news.

    Bravo for you guys (seven scientists), I take my hat for that.

    Agung ‘Cha’ Cahyadi

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