Bali Tourism Drives Up Island’s Internet Usage

It seems Bali’s slow internet connection isn’t enough to stop the number of internet users on the island rising: an increase that has been put down to the growing number of flights and hotel bookings being made from abroad.

The growth of Bali’s tourism industry has been responsible for much of the island’s increase of internet usage over the past decade, with many of Bali’s infrastructure being utilised by visitors to the island.

Now, as an increasing number of foreign visitors seek to book their flights and hotel stays online rather than through travel agents, hotels and other members of the tourism industry are having to create and maintain a stable web presence in order to attract business.

Novotel Bali has been quoted as saying that between 60 and 75 per cent of its room bookings of the past year have come through their online booking facility, while other independent hotels on the island also receive a sizeable share of their bookings through their online inquiries function.

In addition, hotels are increasingly finding that their ability to provide a reliable internet service can make all the difference when trying to secure a booking with a potential guest, as foreign visitor from countries with faster, more stable internet connections expect this service to be provided complimentarily.

Outside of Denpasar, where 90 per cent of internet users are allegedly based, internet connections are still fairly unreliable and many hoteliers in outlying areas such as Nusa Dua have been left with no choice but to lay down fibre-optic cable connections from Denpasar.

It is hoped that the increasing necessity for reliable internet connections on the island will press the government to take swift action or leave Bali’s business sector lagging behind other ASEAN countries.

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2 Responses to “Bali Tourism Drives Up Island’s Internet Usage”

  1. Ken Taylor Says:

    Poor internet connectivity is holding back offshore software development which should be a boom industry for Bali.

    Wholesale internet services are provided by licensed oligopolies at prices an order of magnitude higher than the rest of the world. The community pays a very high price for the profitability of those businesses, much higher than their profits.

  2. colocation server Says:

    It’s not just Bali. Most of tourist destinations in Indonesia can even have slower internet connection than Bali. You can check Lombok and the small islands on the eastern part of Indonesia. The Indonesian government needs to give a hand on this matter. It’s for their own sake after all.

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