Bali Bombmaker Pleads for Mercy

Mercy Plea: Umar Patek.


Umar Patek, accused of playing a key role in the Bali bombings, insisted on Thursday the attacks that killed 202 people were “against my conscience” and begged for a light sentence.

In emotionally charged testimony, Patek, 45, maintained he played only a minor role in the 2002 bombings and had shown remorse by apologising to the victims’ families.

Prosecutors have recommended a life sentence for Patek, claiming he was a main bombmaker in attacks on two nightclubs on the island which killed many tourists.

“I only helped to mix less than 50 kilograms of chemicals,” Patek said, reading from a lengthy statement with Koranic verses in Arabic. He added that others mixed a remaining 950 kilograms for the explosives.

“I did it half-heartedly, only because the person who was mixing looked tired and tense. It’s not my soul’s calling and it’s against my conscience.”

“I will turn 46 in 50 days, which is considered old, and a long term behind bars will be too severe. I am yet to have children,” he told the West Jakarta District Court.

“I hope the judges will consider my plea and give the lightest possible verdict that is true and fair.”

He also urged the panel of five judges not to be influenced by “stigma surrounding my identity, theories, opinions and speculation in the mass media in making a final decision”.

He criticised prosecutors for not considering the points raised by witnesses in drafting the recommendation.

“All the facts uncovered in the trial specifically from witnesses and my statements were thrown aside,” Patek said, raising his voice.

“Their recommendation was simply made by copying and pasting from the indictment.”

Patek, part of the Jemaah Islamiyah terror network, was arrested last year in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad, four months before US commandos killed Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden there.

Prosecutors stopped short of recommending the maximum death penalty last week, arguing that Patek’s remorse should spare him from the firing squad. Three of the Bali bombers have already been executed.

At the trial which started in February, Patek has repeatedly denied any major involvement. He claimed he had a change of heart and tried to stop the attacks at the last minute.

The court is expected to announce its verdict in June.

Patek was once the most-wanted terror suspect in Indonesia and spent nearly a decade on the run with the US offering a US$1-million bounty for him under its rewards for justice programme.

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6 Responses to “Bali Bombmaker Pleads for Mercy”

  1. Kay Danes Says:

    He says he only helped mix the explosives! Does he think that absolved him of the atrocities that were committed not only against foreigners, but local Indonesians? May justice be done – Insha’Allah.

  2. james Says:

    Indos dont screw their own, just young girls(Schapelle Corby); if she got 20 yrs for being innocent, the bombmaker should get at least 30 MONTHS for killing all those people

  3. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    The Bali Bomb Expert Umar Patek is a murderer. He should be given the death penalty. He didn’t surrender to the authorities – he was tracked down and caught! In a press photograph this butcher was seen smiling and shaking hands with the prosecutors. This whole trial is shameful in many ways. The remorse Umar is showing is because he has been caught. Any sentence less than the death penalty for this murderer will reflect on the State of Indonesia and its “subjective” sentencing methods…that of being lenient to right wing Muslims.

  4. daire han Says:

    Shoot the bastard and the rest of them

  5. daire han Says:

    Bali is corrupt so bad would never set foot there again and have deterred a lot of people from going crooked police locals selling drugs on the street in kuta so corrupt stay away westerners let the aussies use it if they want

  6. Yuni Says:

    Well, sir, you should have considered the impact and consequence when you’re “mixing that less than 50 kg of chemical”. People WILL get hurt (or killed) with that amount of chemical. So age and children … are well way out of the door for consideration and a very lame/pathetic excuse for you to get a lighter sentences.

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