Distressed British Drug Suspect Taken to Hospital

Rachel Dougall.

A British drug suspect who could face death under Indonesia’s stiff anti-narcotics laws is undergoing treatment for mental illness, the head of the police hospital in Bali said on Saturday.

Rachel Dougall, who was arrested at a luxurious villa last week on the island, is suspected of being a member of a drug ring comprising four Britons and one Indian national.

“She suffered acute psychosomatic illness due to a drastic change of life, from being a free person to becoming a prisoner,” police hospital chief doctor Is Arifin said, adding that she was admitted on Friday morning.

Bali narcotics police uncovered the group after the separate arrest of another British woman, Lindsay Sandiford, 56, allegedly in possession of almost five kilograms of cocaine after arriving at Bali’s Denpasar airport from Bangkok.

“She needs a couple of days of medical treatment. She has been closely monitored by a team of psychiatrists,” he said.

She refused to eat for five days and had experienced a hallucination at the police prison, her lawyer Suroso said.

“Doctors have sedated her to calm her down after she kept screaming calling for her daughter. She hallucinated that her six-year-old daughter was with her in the prison,” he said.

Officials said earlier that the cocaine found in Sandiford’s bag had a street value of more than Rp23 billion (US$2.5 million), an amount large enough to warrant a maximum sentence of death by firing squad.

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12 Responses to “Distressed British Drug Suspect Taken to Hospital”

  1. Tony Says:

    Do the crime…Do the time

  2. Laurence Olivier Says:

    And the Best Portrayal of a Psychotic Episode goes to Rachel Dougall. And the Dumb Twat Award goes to …

  3. Diana Pedrana Says:

    Bad luck should of thought about it before doing it About time you drug carriers thought about what you are doing Respect other countries law … no pity here

  4. Patricia Symons Says:

    No sympathy drug smugglers should be made an example of – all flights into Denpasar warn passengers the consequences of smuggling drugs – Death – warning even printed. on the visa entry form

  5. henry Says:

    She could team up with Corby…she’s a good actress too……Bette Davis and Joan Crawford…alive and very well!!

  6. the world Says:

    she probably needs a line to sort her head out

  7. fifi Says:

    No sympathy for this maffia groep! Punish them!

  8. fifi Says:

    They are to smart but let them not get away with it. The whole world most punish these drug-trfickers that kill so many other people.

  9. fifi Says:

    Let us hope police in Bali won’t believe all the lies they trying to tell them! They are too evil, no pitty for them!

  10. GEOF Says:

    Guess she won’t be enjoying luxury accomdations for rest of her life!!!! Glad to see some of these drug pushers are getting caught! Brit woman too ain’t gonna see UK in a hurry! Firing squad eliminates these pushers…I hope!

  11. flaco comir Says:

    No more; Aircon, dips in the infinity pool, no spa treatments, no ice cold Bintang and shrimp cocktails and no flower peddals on the fluffy pillow…Is enough to make anyone go off the rails!

  12. fifi Says:

    So, she ‘needs a couple of days in hospital’? well, the good treatment given to this ganster is enough by now!!!! She is making a ‘theater’ out of it! Don’t believe her, she seems too smart to be able to foolish police, watch out!

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