Bali to Stage Mass Meditation Event


Up to 1,000 people are expected to gather on Petitenget Beach in Bali this Sunday for a mass meditation event that is part of a global initiative aimed at harnessing the power of thought.

The event in Bali, starting at 5pm in front of Petitenget Temple on the famous beach in Seminyak, follows a similar one held last September that attracted several hundred people, a mix of Balinese and foreigners living on the island.

It is organised by a Californian non-profit organisation, 1 Giant Mind, which is concerned with research and education in the fields of meditation. It says its mission is to “coordinate the largest simultaneous global experiences of ‘eyes-closed silence’ in human history and measure the collective effect through scientific research.”

To that end, the group has held large-scale meditation events in Australia’s Sydney and Newcastle and plans events in Los Angeles, New York and again in Sydney.

“Leading scientific research has demonstrated that every human being generates a ‘thought force,’” said 1 Giant Mind co-founder Gary Gorrow. “When a large group of people collectively meditate, the thought force becomes unified, creating a wonderfully uplifting and positive effect within and beyond the group.”

He said the collective meditation experience was “something you should experience at least once in this lifetime, but so few actually have the opportunity to do so until now.”

The organisers said they are aiming to eventually hold a global event linking 100 million people and study the effects of their meditations.

The Bali event is being held in collaboration with local meditation teacher and healer Merta Ada. There will also be a question-and-answer session.

“Following the success of our Bali Experiment event last September, this year will see an even greater crowd who are drawn together to experience a collective peaceful atmosphere on the magical island of Bali,” said Tiana Wallace, 1 Giant Mind’s global event director.

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  1. Letitia Korompis Says:

    I will join you from Holland, too bad I cannot be there,
    wish you a beautiful day.

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