Former Justice Minister Challenges Corby Clemency Cut

Yusril Mahendra.


Former justice minister Yusril Mahendra filed a legal challenge in Jakarta on Thursday against clemency granted to Australian drug-runner Schapelle Corby.

Mahendra, now a prominent Jakarta lawyer, is representing an Indonesian anti-drugs group that says it is dismayed that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono shaved five years off Corby’s 20-year prison term last month.

The anti-drugs campaigners say the president’s decision – also criticised by several lawmakers in Jakarta – goes against the country’s drugs battle.

Corby, 34, was jailed for 20 years in 2005 for bringing 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Bali.

She had sought her jail term at Bali’s Kerobokan Prison be quashed and allow her to return to Australia on humanitarian grounds due to her claim that she is suffering from a mental illness.

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19 Responses to “Former Justice Minister Challenges Corby Clemency Cut”

  1. daire han Says:

    First I dont believe she brought the weed in as it would be worth a lot less in bali as it would in aus police in bali = corruption and 20years for lovely weed crazy,class A’s like coke and heroin are the killers that lawyer needs to cope himself on and stop being an asshole,and if he feels weed is so bad go to kuta and sort out the corrupt police and locals selling it.

  2. Maxx Maxted Says:

    A recent Australian enquiry found that the so-called ‘War on Drugs’, started by American President Reagan, has been a total failure costing billions of U.S. dollars in many different currencies around the world. The only major changes have been in the increased costs of equipment, man hours and the inevitable costs of imprisoning and maintaining the ‘Criminals’.
    Cannabis use is in itself a byproduct of society. It has been with us for at least 10,000 years. The cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants have had a long history of use by humans and is still one of the most useful plants nature has given us, for food, fibre, fuel and fun.
    Australia is one of the countries now trialling the medical and fibre uses of the plant in a number of monitored situations. In the meantime in other juristictions, cannabis is still demonised as ‘The Devil’s Weed’. Come on, get with the program. We’ve moved on 50 years since then.

  3. david cook Says:

    you really need to watch this film and know what you are about to do to an INNOCENT girl. Why doesn’t Indonesia have any good honest and wise Government people who love justice, you all seem so corrupt and evil. In 2004 Indonesia convicted a young Innocent girl for a crime ALLAH knows she did not commit. NO EVIDENCE & THE DRUGS WERE PUT INTO HER BAG IN SYDNEY AIRPORT EVERYONE KNOWS THIS. In 2004 Indonesia was washed away by a huge angry Tsunami this year another 8.9 earthquake about her Clemency “It was a WARNING” if Indonesia does not do the right thing that WARNING will be BIGGER then in 2004. but you and more like you just cannot be humble to do the right thing.

  4. JC Says:

    You’re a pathetic excuse for a human Yusril Mahendra. You did a deal with the Australian government to release Indonesian people smugglers in return for Corby’s release. Hope you choke to death sloth.

  5. Kay Danes Says:

    I am concerned that the debate on this very important issue will eventually be hijacked by sensational western tabloids but what is important to remember is that this is an issue that effects millions of Indonesians and those detained in their care, both now and in the future. So I hope that common sense prevails.

    In regard to the reduction of sentence for Schapelle Corby, it was, as I understand, given on humanitarian grounds and was NOT in any way a reversal of the conviction that was decided in the Denpassar court. To that end, she remains convicted as charged. Whether others agree with the decision of her being found guilty is irrelevant, as there are mechanisms in the Indonesian judicial system to challenge a wrongful conviction. Her lawyers have not lodged any such challenge, so in effect, the matter now in regard to the President agreeing with the recommendations put to him, and acting upon those recommendations, does not in any way undermine the judicial system or Indonesia’s tough stand on drug related crimes. Schapelle Corby was sentenced to serve a twenty year term. She has served 8 years already. That the judicial process can make such recommendations based on an individual’s specific circumstances, particularly in relation to mental health, does not in any way send a message that Indonesia has gone soft on crime. To the contrary, it merely supports the idea that the Indonesian system for rehabilitation works and that is after all, the main reason for detaining persons. According to Indonesian correctional policy, prisoners are encouraged to develop occupational skills and to resolve psychological problems. This is a key element to ensure their reintegration into society is successful. Indonesia is not a barbaric society and nor is its justice system unable to show leniency.

  6. Maxx Maxted Says:

    Hear hear!

  7. Angie Says:

    This woman should be released now. The fact that she was ever convicted is a sham! 20 years for not putting locks on her bags!!! How can an innocent person resolve psychological problems whilst wrongfully imprisoned?? The Australian Government should be strongly and publicly supporting her immediate release on humanitarian grounds.

  8. Aussie Expat in Bali Says:

    Well said Kay Danes. It appears that the Expendible Project cultists are actively stirring the pot with unspeakably provocative and vicious statements like the one above from David Cook threatening a natural disaster that tragically took over 100,000 lives in 2004 to repeat itself … in an article about someone trying to repeal Corby’s clemency!!!! Clearly EP are working to see Corby remain in prison so they can profit from the tabloid interviews and publicity. What incredible duplicity!

  9. daire han Says:

    The way it is as i’m non religious muslims are a breed of their own if she was a man and muslim she would be a hero that bomb maker scum is even allowed to speak in court and give a bullshit reason and she has a bit of weed which i believe she was set up look at syria,iran, iraq some formally run by muslim men a disgrace that former justice minister has to be a islamic muslim come to ireland u prick and we will stone him with potatoes a word to all westerners stay away from indonesia muslim and corrupt would listen to lady ga ga before that muslim cunt

  10. daire han Says:

    And Kay its not soft or hard on crime its called bloody corrupt,corrupt,corrupt the bali 9 are guilty but to burn the weed straight after they set corby up so bloody corrupt and i will keep telling people to stay away from that corrupt muslim shithole….

  11. Kim Marshall Says:

    Daire Han , Very disgusting attitude you have brought forward to this thread, in no way shape or form is this going to help the situation. You sound like a very uneducated drop kick. Don’t even get me started in the middle east, looks like you have no idea what you are talking about, you just like to spread hate and BS. Thank god your close mindedness is minority or else the world would be doomed!!

  12. MAXX MAXTED Says:

    Daire Han seems to have problems with their brain. Thinking obviously makes their head hurt so they retreat to a barbaric mind-set best suited to the likes of Taliban extremists.

  13. Kim Marshall Says:

    Also wanted to add David Cook you cannot say Allah knows she’s is innocent , Because that is the unforeseen . Schapellle and God are the ones that really know the Truth. You can only speak on behalf of yourself and you are not a God. If you are a believer in god you would know that god puts out Tests world wide with Natural Disasters and are from him to cleanse the nation not just for ONE persons crime. Maybe gettings your facts right about another religion before you speak.

  14. kay Judd Says:

    I feel for schapelle but the public are over Mercedes and her Family making money out of her circumstances .Soon as the bank account runs low there is Mercedes making more money .The media deals are doing Schapelle no favours just filling Mercedes Bank .The Indonesian Government are a wake up to her money deals .

  15. shorty Says:

    it’s of no legal consequence what you think of the indonesian police and justice system.

    corby was tried, convicted and sentenced by due process under ri law.

    this challenge has nothing to do with her guilt or innocence. whether you agree with it or not, that’s been decided – guilty.

  16. flaco comir Says:

    1 out of 2 Indonesians are addicted to shabu in the pill form and 30% are smoking it in the crystal form.

    I object to the hypocrisy!

  17. Another Aussie Expat in Bali Says:

    Very Well said Kay Judd..Innocent or Sympathy went out the window with Mercedes and Family making money hand over fist and going all out in Publicity stakes..For her sisters sake better to keep a quiet profile the Indonesian Government are onto her .Kim Marshal/Kay Danes well said also..Daire Han..get back in your uneducated Box and the funny thing is isn’t Daire Indonesian for Diarrhea..?????

  18. daire han Says:


  19. Jane Wentworth Says:

    I just read the post that Kay Danes wrote. Kay, you are the biggest hypocrit. Weren’t you charged for theft in a ruby mine or something similar and then tax payers had to fork out money to get you and your husband released. The difference is that you are a crook who claims that justice in indonesia is fine. It’s the corrupt judges, police, prison officers, governments and hacks like you that profit from selling your books and making money off your crime that make me sick. Kay Danes you really are a crook.

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