Voice of Bali Girl Stirs Comatose Briton

The couple in happier times, enjoying the sights of Indonesia.


An Englishman critically injured in a motorbike accident in Bali who has since been in a coma has made his first movements after hearing the voice of his Balinese girlfriend.

Matthew Taylor, 31, was teaching English in Bali when he was severely injured during a motorbike crash last July. He was repatriated to Britain in October, with doctors warning he may never regain consciousness.

Taylor did not have travel insurance, forcing his cash-strapped family to use their savings and remortgage their house to pay for his evacuation from Bali and medical treatment.

His Bali-born girlfriend, Handayani Nurul, 27, was granted an emergency three-month visa to visit her boyfriend and travelled to his family home in Derbyshire, England. The visa has since expired and she had no option but to return to Indonesia.

Now, the family says Taylor has shown the first signs of movement, after they held the telephone to him while Nurul – known as Anda – spoke to him from Indonesia.

Mother Heather told the British press this week that her son began crying when Nurul spoke to him on the phone three weeks ago.

“Heather calls Anda while we are with Mathew, and as soon as he hears her voice he lifts his hand for the phone,” she was quoted as saying in The Daily Mail.

The family said they hope Taylor will make a full recovery and that the pair can marry.

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