Bali Drugs ‘Mule’ Claims Police Mistreatment

Lindsay Sandiford.


A British woman suspected of involvement in an international drugs ring in Bali and facing the death penalty has told how she has suffered mistreatment from Bali Police.

Lindsay Sandiford, 55, is in solitary confinement in Denpasar because, she said in an interview with Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper, there was a threat to her life.

She said interrogating police had tied her to a chair and aimed a gun at her head.

“They have breached my human rights. Don’t I have any human rights in Bali? Is it OK to tie someone to a chair and put a gun to their head?” she told the paper.

She said that at night, officers frequently turned on the light in her cell to wake her.

“Is it OK to wake me up every half an hour so that I would be tired when they interrogated me?”

There has been no reaction from Bali Police to the claim of mistreatment in custody.

Sandiford is one of four Britons — along with Julian Ponder, Rachel Dougall and Paul Beales — and an Indian, Nanda Gophal, arrested in Bali last month after customs officers stopped her at Ngurah Rai International Airport and found five kilos of cocaine worth Rp23 billion (US$2.5 million) in her suitcase.

Sandiford said she had agreed to take the suitcase the drugs were found in to Bali but that she did not know what was in it.

“I knew what they were asking me to do was something dodgy. They weren’t asking me to bring in tulips or balls of cheese, but I didn’t know if it was money, gold, jewellery, guns, marijuana or heroin. I had no idea,” she said.

Sandiford said she brought the suitcase to Bali under duress, because her youngest son, Elliot, 21, had been threatened by a drugs gang in England.

And said she has no money to pay a lawyer to defend her in court.

“My lawyer says my defence will cost around £32,000. Where am I going to get that sort of money from?” she was quoted as saying.

She said that of a number of lawyers she had spoken to, one had told her that she could be eventually freed if she had enough money to bribe the police and judges.

Sandiford also claimed in the interview that she was not being fed properly while in custody.

“They keep forgetting to feed me or bring me water. The others are having pizzas and decent food sent in.”

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7 Responses to “Bali Drugs ‘Mule’ Claims Police Mistreatment”

  1. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Interesting claims made by this lady who didn’t know whether she was carrying jewelry or drugs. Hummm…someone I presume is educated enough to know that Indonesia has stringent drug laws.

    Though I do not sympathize with drug smugglers – the Bali Government must investigate her claim “She said that of a number of lawyers she had spoken to, one had told her that she could be eventually freed if she had enough money to bribe the police and judges.”

    This is a serious allegation which must be investigated by the Governor’s office for the international community including human rights organisations are watching this case among other cases in Bali.

  2. MAXX MAXTED Says:

    You break the Law. We break your spirit.
    When in Rome, don’t carry drugs.

  3. shorty Says:

    am i reading this right?

    this shithead was carrying enough junk to ruin the lives of untold people, and she’s complaining that she was treated inappropriately?

    stiff shit Lindsay. why should you get preferential treatment over your victims.

  4. shorty Says:

    mark it doesn’t matter what she was or wasn’t told. her suitcase therefore her junk.

    subsequent action, with her cooperation and involvement, caught the others involved.

    we call it plea bargaining – don’t shoot me, ask 20 years.

  5. flaco comir Says:

    I was not given my 5 o’clock tea – I was not offered a proper Yorkshire pudding on Sunday and I was not allowed to watch my show on the telly…Gordon Ramsey “F word”

  6. Cactuswasp Says:

    Read Bali Raw by Malcolm Scott.

  7. Tia Taylor Says:

    Ive know the others through friends, they are getting food sent in for £80 a day….. Ponder and Dougal – they looking at a term now of 6 years with the $$$ – its corrupt as, they certainly have lived the high life with Dougal thinking shes the queen bee in Bali. Throw away the keys and do everyone a favour, she’ll just get out and do it all again……

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