Bali Is Australian Paedophiles’ Top Destination

Bali is the top choice for Australian paedophiles.


Laidback Bali, where law-enforcement is often lax, is the top international destination for Australia’s child-sex predators, new figures show.

A quarter of registered sex offenders in Australia going overseas travel to Bali, according to data from the Australian Federal Police.

During the first two months of 2012, 195 people on the Australian National Child Offender Register travelled overseas, but the AFP said they were powerless to locate them once the offenders left Australia.

There are 14,300 people on the register.

Bali’s geographic proximity to Australia and the proliferation in recent years of low-cost flights to Bali, as well as the island’s exotic allure, has made Australia its largest tourism market.

Singapore was the second-most popular destination after Bali for those on the list who travelled.

Australia enacted legislation in 2010 to prosecute people involved in so-called child-sex tourism, but critics said it does not go far enough and that those on the sex-offenders list should be prevented from going overseas.

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8 Responses to “Bali Is Australian Paedophiles’ Top Destination”

  1. bali paradise Says:


  2. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Apparently Singaraja and Lovina appear to be the preferred destinations for these scum.

  3. Anjar Says:

    Should we plant a chip in their body to monitor? Which one is crueler?
    Paradise should be safe… 😉

  4. marahcewek Says:

    totally agree with confiscating and preventing overseas travel for these perverted bastards!!!These poor children are so vulnerable and these sickos know it…Australian Government DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!

  5. shorty Says:

    my feeling is that bali is being used as a hub by these despicable creatures.

    once into bali and out of oz jurisdiction, they move on to other ri provinces or elswhere in asia.

    even if only 1 stays, it’s too many.

    passports are flagged for australian exit. maybe immigration at the destination country should also be flagged.

  6. flaco comir Says:

    The land of convicts and bogans

  7. aussie Says:

    Again Australia lets Bali down. They offer us so much and yet again we let these loving caring people down. In the last month Australia has showed to be more of a curse to them than anything… between Four Corners blowing a massive investigation that the countries are meant to be working together on and this article I am apualled at our Australian Government. Wake up and do something .

  8. Svein Says:

    During my visits every year to Bali since 1987, I have never observed this. But, yes, I red some years ago about an australian ambassador (?) who took his own life in Bali prison after been involved with sexmissuse of children in Bali. I did not know it was common among australians

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