Bali Gets Facelift as Cosmetic Surgery Offered to Tourists


The hotel lobby-like entrance to the BIMC Hospital in Nusa Dua.

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A 50-bed tourism hospital has been unveiled on a one-hectare site in Bali’s swish Nusa Dua area, making it the first tourism hospital in Indonesia.

The BIMC Hospital is being run in conjunction with the Marriot hotel group “to provide the country’s first-ever medical tourism packages and services to inbound travellers visiting Bali,” Deddy Suhartawan of BIMC told The Bali Times.

The Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC) has an established clinic in Kuta.

The new facility features a hotel-like lobby and also provides dialysis and dental treatments.

A room at the new hospital.

It is equipped with three operating theatres that are being managed by medical teams from Australia, Indonesia, the United States, Britain, Germany, Sweden and New Zealand.

As well as medical treatment, the hospital also provides cosmetic procedures and surgery.

“Our CosMedic Centre offers a full range of aesthetic treatments, including skin rejuvenation, injectables, fillers and more complex plastic surgery with treatment performed in a discreet, spa-like atmosphere,” said Suhartawan.

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20 Responses to “Bali Gets Facelift as Cosmetic Surgery Offered to Tourists”

  1. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Oh how nice? Can the poor and marginalized Balinese use this facility? or is it only for the rich and famous? I am told the Balinese do not get free medical treatment, that they have to pay for medicines they cannot afford. Many go to “Healers” to be treated.

  2. salli Says:

    hooray does this mean i can come and have chemo treatment while i visit the country i love the most.

  3. Christina Says:

    Looks great, now my sister can visit Bali with me I have been over 15 times and my sister has never been as she has to have dialysis 3 times a week. Well done BIMC

  4. Roland Says:

    Dear Mark, We understand your concerns. With opening a second hospital in Nusa Dua offering international standards of care BIMC Hospital actively contributes to the improvement of the health infrastructure in Bali and creates employment opportunities for hundreds of Balinese. Please rest assured that we are fully aware that our services are not affordable for everyone in Bali. BIMC Hospital will continue its support for the less fortunate in Bali with various social and charitable activities. For more information please contact Best regards, Roland

  5. Roland Says:

    Dear Salli, We will do our best to assist you. Please write to We will get back to you asap. Kind regards, Roland

  6. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Dear Roland,

    Thank you so much for replying to my comment. This reflects not only your professionalism but your commitment to the disenfranchised Balinese. Kindly let the media know about the various social schemes whenever such schemes are implemented.

    Congratulations on the opening of your state of the art hospital. This is a much needed facility in Bali.

    Best regards

  7. MrsV Says:

    Hmmmmm – I had my appendix out at BIMC 3 months ago and while the Indonesian staff were excellent and the painkillers worked – they don’t even do Laparoscopy (keyhole) surgery so I’m not too sure how confident I would feel about actually choosing to have anything done in Bali. Obviously with appendix it wasn’t elective!

  8. Roland Says:

    Dear MrsV,
    Thank you for the compliments to our staff. We at BIMC Hospital always put our patients’ safety and health first. In order to get optimal results with laparoscopy it is essential to perform this kind of surgeries frequently which is not necessarily the case at BIMC Hospital. We have excellent surgeons but we will not take any avoidable risk in executing surgeries. Elective procedures obviously have the advantage of offering the chance for thorough preparations. Kind regards, Roland

  9. jacob Says:

    What a joke!
    it is easy to build a nice new hospital and fill it with machines. What is never mentioned is that the doctors and nurses will not be trained to western standards or familiar with the latest procedures as in the west. My children we all born in Indonesian hospitals so I know what I am talking about. Unless I am mistaken only Indonesians can practice medicine in Indonesia. They might have foreign advisors offering guidance but as far as holding a scalpel? All the fancy hospitals in Bali are great at marketing but as far as medicine? Better stick to Bangkok or Singapore for serious stuff.

    I love Bali and have faith in my GP and pediatrician but surgery in Bali, not a chance

  10. Annes Belle Suryaatmaja Says:


    There is some concern lately about the lack of proper and adequate facilities to incinerate and dispose of medical waste on the island. Could you please explain how that is being addressed? It is of great concern and I believe those in the medical field should cooperate in solving this growing problem.

    I am sure that you will make a fortune in a country largely populated by vain narcissists. Hopefully the profits will be sufficient to buy an incinerator so no more of your waste finds it’s way onto Kuta Beach.

    Thanks and Regards,

  11. Marion Says:

    Fantastic and about time. I visit the Dentist at the Galleria every time I’m in Bali and it is Fantastic and so cheap… I’m also a very dedicated and devoted follower of the John Fawcett Foundation, they perform Cataract surgery in Bali and do screenings in local villages around most of Indonesia, the Opthamologists are visiting Doctors that devote there services Gratis and also train local Doctors in Bali….What a lot of garbage about the Doctors not being skilled, as if they would put themselves in a position to botch up surgery….Think of the backlash it would have on tourism….Good on You… I will support this service…And tell my Friends..I’ll be there next Tuesday Can’t Wait….

  12. flaco comir Says:

    BIMC saved my life a few years ago..Wonderful Indonesian staff –

    As far as elective procedures…Nyet!

  13. Roland Says:

    Dear jacob,
    We respect your opinion but we can assure you that it is not easy at all to build an international standard hospital in Bali. As you have quite some experience in Indonesia you might imagine the challenges to overcome regarding sourcing of material and craftsmanship, not to talk about time management in the project. The same commitment to international standards is applied to the recruitment and qualification of our medical team. We have implemented a permanent program with the University of California to update our staff to latest medical developments. Indonesia has excellent doctors, some are working for BIMC Hospital, but unfortunately they rarely have the chance to access ongoing qualification to international standards as our medical team has. Our reputation with insurance companies, assistance companies as well as with patients has largely been built on our focus on quality in diagnosis, treatments and service. We will continue to walk the talk. Best regards, Roland

  14. Roland Says:

    Dear Annes,
    BIMC Hospital has always paid attention to dispose medical waste properly. We are very sure that none of our waste finds its way to Kuta Beach. Still, the limited incinerator capacities available in Bali are a concern for the industry. The public and private sector are called to cooperate to find a sustainable solution for an increase of capacities. We at BIMC Hospital will do our utmost to support these efforts.
    Best regards, Roland

  15. cosmetic surgery facelift Says:

    wow its beautiful i like it.

  16. Sharon Says:

    Hi I heard of your new hospital today. I was wondering of how experienced the dental team are for dental implants? I was also wondering what kind of prices would be charged for dental implants in Australian Dollars? Also are they same day loading and how long do you need to stay in Bali mfor this proceedure?

  17. Kate Says:

    I am booked in to get a breast augmentation done in January 2013 🙂
    Just wondering why I cant see any posts on the net of anyone getting breast enlargements done in Bali, I have searched and searched and found nothing. I want to feel assured that everything will be ok and that other women have had it done by Dr Roy and they are happy with the outcome and had no issues since

  18. Angie Says:

    Hi . Good day.

    I just wanna inquire about breast implants. I am now in Bali for a month holiday and would love to have tits job here in Bali. Does anyone here can tell what happen to their breast implants surgery afterwards. Does it goes well? No problem at all? I just want to make sure bc we are talking “LIFE” here which you can’t buy another life once its going wrong.

    Please is there anybody know or can tell me if it is good to have a breast implants here in Bali?

    Many thanks


  19. Mrs. P. adams Says:

    Am interested in facelift or threading techniques. Could you please advise approximate costs. Requirements for booking.

    Can consultations be done and then proceed with surgery within the same week?

    Are there any comments from previous customers I can browse?

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