Building a Better Home with Energy Fields and Good Flooring

By S.BS. Surendran

The ancient Indian art of vaastu and the oriental art of feng shui are effective tools to reflect the love and affection between the occupants of a building and their abode.

There are many types of imbalances in a place of dwelling as we are subjected to many kinds of energy fields, such as solar-energy fields, geo-magnetic fields and thermal imbalances.

Research has shown that most often one side of a house is subjected to intense solar radiation while the other side remains in a shadow region. This gives rise to the formation of what is known as “thermocouple” in the space around the house and leads to an energy imbalance in the premises.

The higher the imbalance, the more severe its effect on the occupants. This kind of imbalance gives rise to the formation of “nodes” and these are nothing but distorted energy fields. They trap the subatomic particles travelling along these fields and start resonating to give rise to micro-level hazardous radiation which affects the existence of life forms – in other words, the occupants of the home.

When left unchecked, these thermal imbalances impede the smooth flow of energy in and around the place of dwelling. The art of restoring the imbalance or equalising the thermal difference and providing a harmonious place of dwelling is the key to good design. Some of the general guidelines to counter thermal imbalance in a place of dwelling are:

• More open spaces in the north and east.
• Thicker walls and no openings on the southern side.
• Planting more greenery or trees in the south to have a humid environment.
• Most importantly: choosing good flooring.

Flooring in a building not only breathes life in terms of décor and aesthetics but also defines how the energy (known as chi in feng shui) flows there. Careful selection of materials means you can fine-tune the atmosphere of your house or apartment. Big surface areas such as flooring will have the greatest influence, and it is worth taking great care over the materials you use.

Flooring plays a significant role in beautifying the look of a house. Flooring can be natural wood, stone, carpet or earth. Among the natural-segment flooring we have marble, granite and slate. Marble has never been out of fashion and is available in a variety of colours. Bricks are available in different shades of red and orange and can also be used as ethnic flooring. In some parts of the world, bamboo flooring is used and it gives a feel of being connected to nature.

Natural materials tend to carry chi energy more easily than synthetic materials – an example of this is wood, where the chi continues to flow along the grain.

Some synthetic materials impede the passage of chi and create stagnating energy fields within your home and build up static electricity (if the material is nylon); this interferes with the feng shui and your personal energy field or your aura. However, if it is rough, textured surfaces (such as a carpet), it slows down the chi, making it more yin; and hard or shiny surfaces (such as ceramic tiles) speed up the flow of chi, creating a more yang atmosphere. One can comprehend from this that the type and colour of flooring contributes towards better energy flow and in turn good vaastu or feng shui.

Each type of material encourages a certain flow of chi. Hence, applying the transparency of the eight directions, you can establish which materials naturally suit each part of your home. Using the specific materials will lead to a more harmonious exchange of chi and will develop distinct atmospheres in each part of your home. For example you could think of:

• White marble, which enhances positive energy and reflects and polarises sunlight, in the northeast.
• Shades of yellow towards the southwest are good.
• Shades of blue, or tint of blue on a white base or marble, at northwest is preferred.
• Red stone or shades of pink are considered appropriate for the south and southeast.

By knowing the compass directions, you can adapt a blend of design and aesthetics by choosing appropriate flooring. And you can introduce the colours required for the different areas in the form of floor décor in case you prefer to have a uniform floor colour throughout the house.

By doing so, your home will not only be vibrant with good energy and prosperity but the occupants will be motivated to think better and live better.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via

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