Govt Seeks Out Older Tourists


The Bali government has announced a plan to establish a special body to develop tourism for older visitors, citing a rising trend among elderly travellers across the globe.

The head of the Bali’s tourism agency, Ida Bagus Kade Subikshu, said organisations should make every effort to tap into the potentially growing segment of the tourism industry resulting from an aging global demographic.

“The prospect for elderly tourism is huge. We’ve been discussing the plan to establish the body with relevant organisations,” Kade said in Denpasar on Thursday.

Among the organisations, he said, were the Bali administration’s legal bureau, tourism companies and associations and the immigration office.

Kade said that Bali had so far failed to effectively cater to an older tourist segment.

“Bali has 16 tourist areas. We may develop some of them to accommodate older tourists,” he added.

Bali is Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination. It drew 2.7 million foreign visitors in 2011, which represents over one-third of the total visitors to Indonesia.

Kade said older visitors, or those over 55 years of age, made up a large percentage of tourists coming from the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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6 Responses to “Govt Seeks Out Older Tourists”

  1. made swastika Says:

    not long time enymore bali is gone.
    what are te bali coverment thinking
    that they can make toerist come to bali
    no the toerist come to bali
    but bali is almost gone.
    now we have cars en bike’s en cars en more bike’s
    en hotels en big bildings en a lot of junk everywhere its dirty to dirty the picture of bali is wasted its crime. older people can not go on the streets its do dangerus with the traffic they not relax
    zo ja ist true a lot people go with te airplane to bali but not stay on bali the al go somwhere els
    personal i think to lombok
    becouse thats bali now. like the real bali was a couple years ago. the still can turn the weel but i am scard its not gone happen. how can the be so stuppid to make from paradijs a hell hole

  2. Roman Says:

    Good idea, but people from any age will like a clean island, less traffic problems, a working infrastructure (like internet) and a friendly visa policy. For sure – like more aged persons – in case they want to stay longterm.

  3. putay Says:

    more money more honeys. that’s the way its gonna go. you can see it already and thats the path they chose.

  4. lilly Says:

    Does the government think that just because someone is over 55 that they are blind and stupid? Stop all the unnecessary development, rubbish and traffic jams and then maybe everyone will be happy. Those condotels are an eyesore and a joke, and not a funny one.

  5. sharon Says:

    As someone fast approaching that age group I’ve made possibly my last trip to Bali after 30 years. No other place makes up wait up to three hours for a 30 day visa , wether you’re there for a week or 30 days !! No where else do you have to negotiate lying taxi drivers at every turn who become rude and aggressive when you will not pay more than the meter cost. No where else is is dangerous to actually walk on the footpaths in broad daylight and no where else does the government turn a blind eye to all this because its all about money. Having travelled to other less developed areas Bali.

  6. Mark C Says:

    The head of the Bali’s tourism agency, Ida Bagus Kade Subikshu needs to clean up the filthy beaches that Bali is so famous for. How do you intend to attract the elderly visitors when much younger people struggle to walk on the footpaths that are so terribly in disrepair? At US$25 per person just to get into Bali, this money desperately needs to be spent on cleaning up the once beautiful Bali.

    I’ve been to Bali with my family 16 times and we ALL agreed (even my children) that the last trip (January 2012) was going to be our last to OUR paradise. We have travelled 2 times to the USA for our holidays this year instead of Bali.

    If anyone from the Indonesia Government bothers to read this, then you must invest some of the millions of dollars you receive in visa money into your future tourist by cleaning the beaches and fixing the infrastructure.

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