VP Vows Continued Drugs Crackdown

Vice President Boediono.


Vice President Boediono has said that Indonesia will continue fighting a wave of drugs crimes and hoped to eventually wipe out the scourge affecting the country.

Boediono made his remarks as he opened the 29th International Drug Enforcement Conference, organised by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in collaboration with the US Drug Enforcement Agency, in Bali on Tuesday.

“Narcotics crimes are transnational crimes that have now expanded worldwide, with an extensive network, neat and discreet, that can reach out to the global order. It requires international cooperation because no country will be able to work alone in this matter,” he told the delegates.

Boediono said Indonesia was determined to eradicate narcotics crimes by cooperating with other countries and by implementing policies and strategies to ensure a drug-free Indonesia by 2015.

There have been increasing efforts to combat drug crimes in Indonesia.

The latest case reported by BNN involved a joint operation with the United States, China and Hong Kong in which the agency seized a container of about 1.5 million ecstasy pills from Shenzen, China, which was ready to be shipped to Jakarta.

BNN head Gories Mere said the conference was the first such meeting to be held outside the United States and other Western countries.

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