Man Arrested Over Attempted Bali Rape of Australian Girl


Bali Police have arrested a 33-year-old Indonesian man for allegedly molesting and trying to rape a sleeping nine-year-old Australian girl.

The incident took place after midnight on Sunday as the girl slept in a villa in the Badung district of Bali. The man, a worker at the villa, sneaked into the unlocked building and carried her outside, police said on Thursday.

“There was an attempt to rape the girl, but it failed because she woke up and began to scream,” police detective chief Wayan Arta Ariawan said.

“The girl was on holiday in Bali with her parents,” he said, adding that the man was being held by police for questioning.

“The man, who had worked for three years in the villa, took the sleeping girl to the backyard. He molested her but failed to rape her,” said Badung Police chief Benny Arjanto.

Security guards rushed to the scene after hearing the screams.

The accused faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

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5 Responses to “Man Arrested Over Attempted Bali Rape of Australian Girl”

  1. Mr I M Concerned Says:

    Unbelievable, 15 years if found guilty!

    The Indonesian government is handing out 20 years to life for cannabis smuggling with possible death penalty’s but allows pedophiles back into society with a maximum of 15 years, come on the people of Indonesia surly this is a life or death penalty crime. This is completely the wrong way around.

    Life in prison or the death penalty for this evil individual…

  2. Dr Smith Says:

    What a maggot, he should be strung up by the balls and stoned to death.

  3. Ruby Says:

    Six comments about Australian paedophiles coming to Bali but not one comment about an Indonesian man committing this crime on an Australian girl. Best not to comment when it’s one of your own?

  4. Ajaz ahmad Says:

    The guilty should be punished to avoid further such criminal activities in the nation .

  5. RS Says:

    Bali authorities need to get their act together, theft, murder, disco knife battles, rape, breaking in homes etc etc has increased to a volcanic heights. Most off all, Balinese need to search within (habit of blaming outsiders) is becoming too comforting. With respect to Bali culture/customs, it’s obvious nowadays that they are loosing grip on their basic principles n becoming commercialized as any one else.

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