Hot Water: A show in Bali featuring performing dolphins is drawing criticism from animal activists, who say it is cruel to use such sea creatures for human entertainment. The show, preparing to open at Central Parkir in Kuta, is organised by the Ancol leisure park in Jakarta. Photograph by Juliyusman Sine/The Bali Times

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  1. Alan Says:

    What the hell is wrong with these activists????
    They should turn their over exuburance to helping clean up Bali’s waterways and the surrounding oceans 1st !!
    I feel they are too narrow minded on a problem that does not need attention just yet !!!!

  2. Alan Says:

    As usual….people with no agenda, just wishing to stir something up out of NOTHING !!!

  3. Eva Kampert Says:

    Alan, the people you are callng narrow-minded activist are being…at least activ??
    Speaking up for animals that cannot speak for themselves?
    You might be right there that there are more urgent problems in the world than a couple of dolphins caged in…..
    But I do think that everybody who stands up for something to make the world a little bit better should rather be supported than blamed?
    No, you cannot change the world…but when you save an animal, for this animal the whole world changes!
    Why not start your own petion trying to get more awareness for enviromental problems in Asia?
    That would be a constructive move?
    Raising awareness for animals might have been the only and one good part of Animal Shows…. but in times of Internet and TV it has, in my view, become obsolete.

  4. Alan Says:

    I asked before to please post some pics of the alledged crimes against these lovely animals..Proof is not by words only,,we must always be ready to justify our claims…..Anyone can make a statement about animal cruelty..I personally abhor it but cannot and will not accept any persons unjustified comments. Post some pics of this claim and I am with you.

  5. tony Says:

    Alan, I aint no tree hugging vegan hippie,but come on,of course it needs attention..why should it wait? If some people feel passionate enough about this issue to actualy do something,then good on them! otherwise nothing would ever be done.In the bali times today was a story about three rare sumatran elephants that were killed in a palm oil plantation! is that all right? or should it just be ignored? could just wait until they’re extinct right….Also i think you’d find much of the same peeps probably do take a intrest in bali’s clogged waterways…personaly it’s not my problem i dont chuck or let my rubbish blow into them… the locals can figure that one out themselves.

  6. tony Says:

    here you go life of a indonesian circus dolphin

  7. Alan Says:

    AGAIN, where are your pics..???? I never called you any of those names !!! you chose them for yourself !!I also read that article about the elephants and was horrified by it .Our own (Steve IRWIN (GOD BLESS HIM) has a zoo here that has performing animals of all varieties….are they too abused animals????? I think not !! Prove your proof of accusations….post some pics or just please stop replying to me !

  8. Alan Says:

    Thank you Bali Times for this forum to air our views ! I am new to here and love what you are doing for us people who love Bali too. Keep up the good effort.

  9. Alan Says:

    Thanks Tony for vid..but I see no mal-treatment there. WHAT ABOUT ALL THE RHINO’S and Elephants slaughtered for their horns and tusks ??? And the gorilla’s and oranutangs killed off??? Not to forget all the bears used in circuses…How about getting behind a cause that really needs it???

  10. Another Aussie Expat in Bali Says:

    If Pak Alan read the Article properly he would have seen that there are Sun Bears in this Circus as well ..this is not just about Dolphins its about all Animals..its fine to be an Arm Chair Activist but personally I admire people who put them selves out there for they Animal or Human..Its so easy to be critical but Steve Irwin R.I.P. would have been right behind this effort .P.S.There are lots of Pics if you bother to check,digusting conditions,lack of food,living.Dolphins living in the space of a bath tub….

  11. Amanda Vogel Says:

    Dolphins kept in small tanks and transported in trucks for days on end. In my opinion very cruel. Dolphins jumping through firehoops? Thats whats on their posters. I personally do not think that is entertaining. My family will certainly not go. Until people stop paying to see animals performing, they will be exploited.

  12. Cate Says:

    I’ll put this is in simple terms so that the Alans etc. of the world don’t mis-understand. WE HAVE NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO USE ANIMALS FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND PROFIT FROM THEIR CAPTIVITY LET ALONE MALTREATMENT. Honestly, the arrogance of people who think otherwise is beyond me. Is it a bigger problem than any other problems that people feel strongly about? Well that is just a matter of priority for you as an individual. Telling people what their priorities should though be is a pointless exercise. That does not take away from the fact, plain and simple, that this issue is a huge injustice and we, as humans, are solely responsible.

  13. Eva Kampert Says:

    I think the following petition fits the general cause:
    Please tell Yahoo to stop selling whale and dolphin meat….

    More info about what is happening:

    “In just 24 hours, more than 35,000 supporters have appealed to Amazon for a total ban on the sale of whale, dolphin and porpoise products. The public wants these animals protected rather than killed and sold for profit.”
    Justin McCurry in Tokyo, Friday 24 February 2012:
    Article by The Guardian

  14. Eva Kampert Says:

    and of course:
    Pls join this Page , be kind to sign the petition!…etitions/dolphins-don-t-belong-in-traveling-circus#

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