End to Death as Punishment Tool


In the Western world, the United States is deplorably the only country to still use capital punishment. This abhorrent, barbaric instrument of governments is, however, showing a trend towards abolition.

Last year, of 198 countries, 21 carried out executions, a fall of more than a third in the past decade, according to figures from Amnesty International.

In Southeast Asia, where the death penalty is as widely employed as the Middle East, the Philippines is alone in recent years in commendably lifting capital punishment from its statute books. In Indonesia, regrettably, it remains firmly enshrined in law.

In this country, a great number of people are on death row, awaiting execution by firing squad as they attempt to delay that repugnant act with successive appeals in the courts and final a plea to the president, most of which invariably fail.

We learned at the weekend that 58 people are on death row in Indonesia for drugs offenses alone. It’s believed the total number awaiting execution in Indonesia is at least 111. Here, death is applied in cases involving drugs, murder and terrorism. It is time to get rid of it.

Regarding drugs, pre-arrival cards informing people that bringing banned narcotics into the country may result in death has not deterred smugglers. There are more people trying to bring drugs into Bali and wider Indonesia than ever. Murder, however inexcusable, is usually a crime of passion in which the enraged perpetrator does not at the time possess a clear-thinking mind. And we know all too well that terrorists are not put off by the threat of death; in fact, with the three executed for the first Bali bombings, they openly rejoiced in their “martyrdom.”

So, no, the death penalty is not a deterrent, which is what those countries who apply it want us to believe. It is instead a cruel method of dealing with a problem that only serves to render those who use it as bad as those to which it is given.

In a humane, modern society, capital punishment has no place.

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4 Responses to “End to Death as Punishment Tool”

  1. flaco comir Says:

    Religion and self-righteous people of religious cultures – are what keeps the death penalty alive. The desire to administer the ultimate punishment comes from those who claim to be closest to God. Just look at each country that has the death penalty (excluding China) and religion is at the core. In the USA…each state can decide…Only the States with a strong religious demographic continue to kill the condemned.

    There is a saying in America…”There is nothing more dangerous than a man with a gun in one hand and a bible in the other”. The same holds true with the Koran.

    In China, it’s about fear and controll of the masses.

  2. Nicholas Gracie Says:

    I concur absolutely and I am grateful for friends, and in particular, one who has sought time out to alert others of the barbaric practice of taking the lives of others. Yet when we look at their system of punishment, they are lenient to their own. So much hypocrisy,and much of it related to corruption.
    I believe this President has many good points, and he will have to battle with people who are blind but he should convince (and prove) Indonesia is in line with developed countries on moral, as well as business issues. The USA is in a mess and many are fighting capital punishment because it is also tainted with racial overtones.Ed thank you for this article; may justice prevail.

  3. Jim Says:

    Agreed. Don’t kill them just cut their nuts off.

  4. daire han Says:

    In ireland a few weeks ago a scumbag broke into a house and killed 2 people for 80 euro they were 88 and 90 now hes in custody waiting for an easy time in prison i believe and many others hang the bastard and if it was my parents or grand parents i would do time for getting that piece of shit killed

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