New Zealander Arrested in Bali

Charlotte Piho poses with her longboard and Australia's Channel 9 weather presenter Steve Jacobs.


A New Zealand woman has been arrested in Bali over the alleged theft of chocolate from a supermarket in Seminyak.

Charlotte Piho, 30, was arrested after she allegedly attempted to leave Bintang supermarket with Rp127,000 worth of chocolate.

Piho, who has appeared in the Australian media for her penchant for doing yoga while on a paddleboard, said the incident, which occurred several weeks ago but was only reported this week, was a “mistake.”

Piho in yoga action on a paddleboard.

She was held by Bali Police for a night before being released. Police said they were considering whether to bring criminal charges.

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3 Responses to “New Zealander Arrested in Bali”

  1. tony Says:

    Sleepy Bintang staff,probably forgot to scan them…

  2. Bali-Raw Says:

    What is a professional Yoga person doing eating chocolate?

  3. Seti Says:

    I think only miscommunication. The police and news are too much.

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