Bali Bombing Mastermind Jailed for 20 Years

Umar Patek.


Islamic militant Umar Patek was found guilty on Thursday of key involvement in the 2002 Bali bombings and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

There was massive security around the West Jakarta District Court as the verdict was read out, with some 300 police officers stationed around the courtroom while police snipers were atop surrounding buildings.

Patek was also found guilty of involvement in a church bombing at Christmas 2000 that left 19 people dead.

Throughout his trial, Patek expressed remorse and asked not to be jailed because he has not yet married and wishes to have children.

Prosecutors had sought a life term.

The verdict for Patek, 45, brings an end to Indonesia’s 10-year investigation into the twin nightclub blasts in Bali that killed 202 people.

Three men were executed in 2008 for their involvement in the worst act of terrorism in Indonesia’s history.

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6 Responses to “Bali Bombing Mastermind Jailed for 20 Years”

  1. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Shame on you Indonesia!

    For being involved in the making of bombs that killed over 200 innocent people, for being involved in the bombing of a church that killed 19 Christians you give an INDONESIAN MUSLIM TERRORIST 20 years so that he can sit in prison and plan more bombings.

    And you give the death penalty to people, innocent or not, for carrying drugs.

    I wonder if the bomb was placed in Java and it killed hundreds of Muslims? Would Umar Patek get 20 years or death?

    It is evident from this ruling that the FPI now has the Indonesian Judiciary in its control.

    The lives of innocent tourists and Indonesian Christians are cheaper than drug offences.

    This is shameful and a sad day for true justice in Indonesia.

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.

  2. La Loca Says:

    Mark I truly agree with your comment. It deeply saddens me to know a person who is caught carrying drugs into Indonesia is punished to death. But, a TERRORIST who killed more than 200 people only receives 20 years? COME ON INDONESIA, WALK THE WALK DON’T TALK THE TALK!!!
    If the justice system is like the US he will be out in 12 years then that is truly INJUSTICE.

  3. flaco comir Says:

    Shame Shame Indo-neeesia!

  4. Alan Says:

    I agree with both Mark and La Loca whole heartedly. How pathetic of Patek to plead not to be jailed because he wants to get married and have children!!!!!!!!!!! How many people did he deprive of such wonderful events. Shoot the bastard!!

  5. Sandra Says:

    I totally agree with you all! Shoot him!! He deserves nothing less!

  6. daire han Says:

    corrupt corrupt indonesia, kill him

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