One Killed as Tribes Clash with Bows and Arrows

A tribesman is injured following clashes in Papua.


Hundreds of tribesmen armed with bows and arrows clashed in Papua, northwest of Bali, leaving one man dead in the latest outbreak of deadly violence in the region.

More than a dozen people were also injured when two groups clashed in Mimika district on Wednesday.

The area is near the site of a giant copper and gold mine run by the American mining firm Freeport.

“One man was killed this morning during the clash. He was hit by an arrow to his chest,” Mimika’s head of police intelligence, Nursalam Saka, said.

He said the dead man was from the Kampung Harapan area, whose inhabitants regularly clash with people from Kampung Amole. Three people were killed in clashes on Monday.

The two groups also clashed on June 6 after a tribesman was killed in a road accident and police said the latest violence was probably related to that incident.

Several large tribes live side by side in Mimika district but disputes are usually settled traditionally with compensation and communal feasts.

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