Divers Found Safe after Search


Eight tourists who went missing while diving off Nusa Penida last week were found safe after a search.

The divers, who were all staying in Tulamben, and who came from Britain, Germany, France and Italy. They had reportedly set out by boat for Nusa Lembongan on Thursday afternoon, and after two successful dives, became separated from their boat due to rough seas.

M. Hernanto, head of the Bali search and rescue team, said that a search for the missing divers was launched on Thursday evening.

The group was found safe in the early hours of Friday morning.

“The search and rescue team, helped by fishermen, have successfully found alive the eight foreign tourists who were floating in the waters around Nusa Penida,” said Budi Gunawan of Bali Police, speaking at Benoa on Friday.

Gunawan said that the rough weather and high winds had probably caused the mishap.

“Their boat might have drifted away from the previous position,” he said.

The dive company that had organised the trip is currently being investigated by the authorities to ascertain if there was any negligence involved in the mishap.

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3 Responses to “Divers Found Safe after Search”

  1. m.s. Pugh Says:

    Of course there was negligence! rough weather, full moon, diving at dusk. the list goes on and on. It is hard to explain how lucky these people are. it will happen again but maybe with a different outcome.

    M.S. Pugh

  2. BD Says:

    What dive company?
    As a soon to be visitor to Bali and Lembongan this kind of story is absoutely frightening.
    They should post the dive companies name on this story. There is no excuse for leaving divers behind. A simple head count will ensure safety.

  3. Alpamayo83 Says:

    Their name is Dive Concepts. They seem to have serious safety failings.

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