Fisherman Feared Drowned


A 48-year-old man drowned after being swept away while fishing in a river in Tabanan on Tuesday.

Putu Suarana from Banjar Gempinis in Dalang village, had gone to fish in the Yeh Ho River in East Selemadeg District along with several friends. After the other men went hope at about 4pm, Suarana stayed behind to continue fishing.

Locals later found Suarana’s motorbike at the riverside, but no sign of him. The locals reported the matter to the authorities, who launched a search of the river. However, after a two-day search no body had been recovered.

“The search is still being conducted by the Search and Rescue Team backed by uits from Tabanan Police,” said police spokesman Tubuh Musyareh.

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One Response to “Fisherman Feared Drowned”

  1. Geoff Vivian Says:

    How do you know he “drowned after being swept away” when, as you say, no body has been found?