Government Seeks Work for the Unemployed


The provincial administration is hoping to find jobs for 18,000 unemployed people of working age this year.

Wayan Wiratha of the Bali Manpower and Transmigration Department said that last year the administration had been able to assist 15,000 people to find work in both the public and private sectors.

He said that many of the jobs had been found through government-organised jobs fairs, adding that so far 5,000 people had been placed in work this year.

He said that contrary to popular belief there were many jobs available. It was simply a case of putting would-be employers in touch with potential staff through jobs fairs.

He said that a total of 1200 vacancies had been offered at a fair in June, but only 83 posts had been filled because of a lack of qualified applicants.

Wirantha said that as well as jobs fairs the government was also setting up training schemes for would be small business operators, to allow for the growth of self-employment.

The total number of unemployed people in Bali stands at 48,000, around 2.11 percent of the total population.

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