An Australian Dies Every Nine Days in Bali


Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs says that one Australian citizen dies in Bali every nine days, with many more requiring consular assistance after getting into difficulties while holidaying here.

According to figures released by the department, 39 Australians died in Bali in the past 12 months. Another 93 needed consular help after being hospitalised, 36 were arrested by the local police and 18 ended up in jail.

Officials say that alcohol and drugs as well as violence in nightclubs and bars are among the biggest causes for Australians getting into trouble in Bali.

“The most common reasons for illness or hospitalisation among young people who travel to Bali are injuries due to motorbike accidents and nightclub fights,” a department spokesman told Australian media this week.

“Factors that cause these accidents are inexperience, unfamiliar road and traffic conditions and alcohol/drug consumption.

“Nightclub fights can often break out between friends and may be fuelled by drugs and alcohol.”

According to the spokesman, road accidents are the single largest cause of death in Bali for Australians. He added that many people involved in motorbike crashes did not have adequate travel insurance.

The spokesman added that officials were increasingly dealing with visitors who had mental-health problems while in Bali.

“We have recently seen a marked increase in cases involving young male travellers, 20 to 30, with mental-health issues,” he said.

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5 Responses to “An Australian Dies Every Nine Days in Bali”

  1. Adrian Lawler Says:

    “We have recently seen a marked increase in cases involving young male travellers, 20 to 30, with mental-health issues,”
    Thought that was normal for all Australians ?.

  2. Bali-Raw Says:

    Glad to see someone is taking notice.

  3. flaco comir Says:

    Ferfooksake! Bali has become the Bataan of the modern day Aussie! Here’s what me can’t figer-out… Auzland has pleanty of tropical beach…Why go to Bali anymore?

  4. dan Says:

    This situation will not change until Indonesia adopts western driving laws and then makes an honest effort to enforce those laws. Drug violence?! Looks like the death penalty just doesn’t work any where in this world. Drunken behavior should be treated with visa revocation for life(first time offense) and immediate expulsion from the country.

  5. Says:

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