Feng Shui to Overcome Trauma

By S.BS. Surendran

There are phases in our lives when everything goes smoothly and perfectly but suddenly we realise that we are facing a dead end, feel hopeless, depressed and a sense of sadness engulfs us. We lose our confidence and falter in our steps, feel we are at crossroads and with no signs of hope.

The reasons for such situations can be many. It could be disappointment, losing something very dear to us or having experienced a traumatic situation and yet to recover from the shock.

This is the time one needs supportive people, medical help if necessary, lots of love, care and gentle handling to imbue self-confidence and give the required mental and physical strength back to the person affected.

Can feng Shui help in overcoming situations of shock, trauma and disappointment? It can aid the person and act as a catalyst to speed up the recovery process. All life forms, including humans, are comprised of subtle electrical fields that affect vital functions such as growth, metabolism, health, thought, emotions and movement.

At the quantum level, the human body is composed of ions and minerals; and water is a conductor of electrical energy. Billions of electrical impulses regulate the activity of every living cell affecting our body’s wellbeing and its ability to heal itself. By restoring the inner balance of the individual and also that of the immediate environment of the place of dwelling, we can transform the state of mind.

By adapting the tenets of feng shui, the ill effects can be dissolved through a simple process of realignment of the space to unblock the energies. By redecorating and countering afflictions in the bedroom, the energies can be balanced more effectively.

Energies can be of many kinds. But the electromagnetic fields which are manmade penetrate all building materials – cement, drywall and brick and metal – and in turn affect the occupants of the bedroom. Primarily you can control this ill effect in the bedroom as follows:
• Make sure you know what is on the other side of the wall from the head of your bed or any other location where you spend a lot of time, and ensure there are no large magnetic field-generating devices like speakers, massage chairs, etc.
• Remove all electrical appliances from close proximity to the bed, like TV, computer, etc.
• Do not run extension cords under or near the bed.
• Avoid metal bed frames as they conduct electricity.
• Keep mobile phones away from your bed while sleeping.

Apart from the above checks, the internal energies of the individual also needs to be counterbalanced. A simple yet effective way is given below which can make the person feel confident and bounce back into action quickly.

Under traumatic and stressful situations, one need to stabilise one’s own core and the best feng shui support is to use the energy of the Earth element. It could be shapes, motifs or colour which represent the Earth element or something as simple as placing a square piece of paper in shades of brown, yellow, tan or red which signify the Earth colour and the square representing the Earth element. Place this beneath the mattress when the person goes to sleep and against the solar plexus area during the day. You could even think of putting up a wall décor or painting representing the Earth colour and motif in the bedroom of the person.

The trauma and shock can be dissolved by adhering to shades of orange, either as a T-shirt, décor or even consuming and displaying real orange fruits and drinks.

A more powerful feng shui remedy would be adapting the techniques of visualisation and affirmations. For the Earth element remedy of a yellow square, the right affirmation would be: “The element of earth is stabilising and supporting me so that I can rebuild my life in a positive way” – and repeated pronouncement helps in aiding speedy recovery.

For the visualization method, you need to imagine the colour orange coming up from the centre of the earth, through your feet, up through the centre of your body, reconnecting all your energy centres, and up through the crown of your head. Imagine it then coming down around your body, sealing and healing it inside and out.

These are time-tested techniques when you feel afraid, out of hope, discouraged, disconnected, out of energy or disempowered. Practicing this technique at least once daily will make your core feel secure and heal faster.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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