500 Pregnant Women Infected By HIV/AIDS


Bali’s Aids Controlling Commission (KPA) said around 500 pregnant women in Bali carry HIV/AIDs every year.

A Commission chairman Prof I Dewa Nyoman Wirawan said here on Saturday a survey showed that 1 percent of around 50,000 pregnant women every year in Bali are infected by HIV/AIDs .

Dewa Nyoman blamed husbands who have the tendency to change sexual partners for the transmission of the deadly disease to their wives at home.

The transmission of the disease did not stop at the wives but the babies in their wombs would also be infected, he said.

The possibility of the fetus being infected by the diseases from and infected mother is high, he said.

He said around 50 percent of fetuses in the wombs of pregnant carrying HIV/AIDs would be infected by the disease.

This means around 250 of 500 babies born in Bali every year are infected by HIV/AIDs, the professor at the medical faculty of the Udayana University, said.

He said the transmission of the disease from the mother to the baby could bot immediately identified, adding the disease could be detected when the child reachs the age of four to five years.

The symptoms are that the child has poor nutrition and suffer from prolonged diarrhea.

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