Bali Maintains Food Security


The world’s famous tourist island of Bali said it does not worry about food security despite the long drought which has hit various areas in the country.

Bali maintains surplus in food production mainly the staple rice and soybean production, head of the food crop division of the provincial agriculture office Ida Bagus Wisnuardana said here.

“There is no problem in food security in Bali in the next several years,” he said.

Ida Bagus said Bali has 84,118 hectares of fields which are grown with rice and soybean by turns with production of 471,601 tons rice equivalent per year.

It is more than enough for Bali, he said, adding Bali with a population of 4.1 million needs around 455,130 tons of rice including for the millions of tourists visiting that island every year.

The surplus of around 16,450 tons is sent to Java, he said.

He said the production could still be raised by improving productivity per hectare and through expansion of rice fields.

Rice production per hectare in Bali averages 5.8 tons, or higher than the country’s average of 5.1 tons, he said.

Meanwhile, a professor of state Udayana University Dr Ir Dewa Ngurah Suprapta MSc appreciated the success of Bali in maintaining food security.

Bali has to feed not only its population but also more than 6 million domestic and foreign tourists every year, Dewa said.

However, according to the Bali Central Statistic Agency (BPS) Bali’s rice production in 2012 is expected to fall 0.92 percent or 7,894 tons from the previous year’s production.

Its production of corn, however, is expected to rise 2,603 tons or 4.03 percent from last year. A flat growth is forecast for soybean production.

Head of the regional office of BP Dewa Suprapta said Bali may face difficulty in maintaining food security in the future with the growing population and growing number of visitors to the island.

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