Travel Advisory Don’t Affect Visitors


Indonesian Tourism Industry Association of Bali Province (GIPI) viewed that “travel advisory” or a plea to consider a visit to Indonesia from Australian Government did not affect tourist visit from kangaroo country to paradise island.

“There is no effect related to the advisory because it is the task of Australian Government to give the appeal of its citizens in traveling abroad to be cautious,” said the Chairman of GIPI Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, in Denpasar.

According to him, the situation of tourism in Bali so far is running conducive and safe to be visited.

He asked all stakeholders in the island to improve the security and cooperate with the police to provide security for tourism industry.

He said that the police have worked well in maintaining security. Nevertheless, he expected that security should be enhanced.

Earlier in the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Australian Trade on Thursday (20/9) re-issued a travel warning to Indonesia.

The Australian government asked its citizens to reconsider their intention to visit Indonesia, regarded the rising tension in some areas in the country.

According to the Australian Foreign Ministry, the warning related to anti-American protests.

The warning was issued in light of the potential for further protests.

Australian tourist is one of contributed-market segment to the development of tourism in Bali.

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Bali Provincial Statistics, from January to July 2012, a total of 563.881 Australian tourists visiting Bali or the figure increased compared to the same period in 2011, as many as 432.480 people.

The figure made Australia placed the top-level positions tourist arrivals to Bali, followed by China, Japan, and Malaysia.

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