44 Blue Whale Off-shored


A total of 44 blue whales stranded on Liae Beach, Sabu Raijua Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province and later died.

The Regent of Sabu Raijua, Marthen Dira Tome confirmed via his cell phone from Kupang justified the issue and said 42 whales were dead and two others in a state of weakness and probably cannot survive.

He said the government and the people cannot do much to help the stranded whale since Monday (1/10) at around 8.00 pm in Liae Beach.

People in one of Indonesia’s foremost islands adjacent to Australia, since Tuesday morning trying to rescue two whales that were still alive by pushing them to sea, but the waves pulled them back to shore.

“We do not have any expertise to save the whales. We tried to save the whales began to limp and dead,” he said.

He also didn’t know the reasons why the protected blue whales are stranded on Sabu islands, but the presumption of the mammal carried away by the ocean waves.

Meanwhile, the Ocean Observer, Timor Ferdi Tanoni urged the fishery experts to quickly inspect and examine the death case of dozens of blue whales.

“I strongly presume, the dead of protected-whales due to oil pollution in the waters of the blue whale’s trajectory after the explosion of the Montara well in the Atlas Block of North West Timor on August 21st, 2009,” said Tanoni.

Chairman of the West Timor Care Foundation (YPTB) added that the death case of dozens of blue whales, was the largest and the first time happened in the respective province after the waters of the Timor Sea and Savu Sea to Flores sea polluted by oil spill from the Montara well and dispersant hazardous substances sprayed by Australia to sink the oil spill to the seabed,’’ he said.

“It needs a scientific research, since the Savu Sea waters as the path of a blue whale from the north pole to southern Australia already polluted due to the oil spill from the Montara well and dispersant chemicals sprayed by Australia,” he said.

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