Lady Gaga’s Designer’s Company Protested


About 130 employees of PT Dreamland Indonesia, the silver accessories company, demanding that the management could immediate pay their salaries and severance pay which had been promised a few months ago.

“My arrival along with hundreds of other workers are demanding our rights which yet fulfilled by the management after the company owned by world artists designer such as Lady Gaga, was declared bankrupt unilaterally,” said Siti Fatimah, one of the employees in the front of office of PT Dreamland Indonesia, on Batu Belig street, Kerobokan, Badung regency, on Wednesday.

She said, after the company declared bankrupt unilaterally, the employees were ultimately laid-off as soon as they were let out for a month on last June 1, 2012.

The management previously promised to pay the salaries and severance pay before the Eid ul-Fitr in last August, but until now it has not been fulfilled by the reason of the company assets has yet been sold.

“Management does not want to sell the assets separately. Until now, there has been no explanation regarding the reasons for bankruptcy. We have not received an average of two months salary with the amount of severance pay varied according to length of service,” she said.

Siti admitted, the average employee in the company owned by an artist in Netherland who be a citizen of Argentine reached dozens years.

According to her, the total number of employees in the company reaches over 150 people, including professionals from abroad who have long-lived in this area.

Petra, one of the employees of division of production from German, said she also suffered the fate suffered by the employees in the company of jewelry accessories.

“I’m up to now have not received salaries yet for nearly four months as well as severance pay whereas I’ve worked for two years here,” she said amidst the crowd of demonstrators.

Until now there is no definite information from the management regarded the payment. “I hope that all these problems can be immediately completed and the company could pay the employee’s right by selling its assets,” she said.

While the Manager of PT Dreamland Indonesia Marcell Corea, said he could not comment on the issue because the company has a lawyer who handle it.

“I cannot talk about this, let the lawyers cope it,” he said whilst slipping away.

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