BHA Ready to Fulfill APEC Summit’s Organizing Standards


The Executive Director of Bali Hotel Association (BHA) Djinaldi Gosana said that he was ready to meet the various standardization of which the organizing committee of APEC Summit 2013 has requested and expected.

“We continue to update the things needed. We’re trying to facilitate internal training includes both in terms of safety and service,” he said in Denpasar on Monday.

He also hoped to star hotels which are newly built to be part of the BHA therefore they can be standardized the security systems, services, to tsunami anticipation.

Related to hotels that will surely be the place for the delegations of Nations Cooperation Forum of Asia Pacific Summit (APEC summit), he said, it still awaiting a decision until May 2013.

“Simultaneously with the completion of infrastructure projects such as toll roads, underpasses, and Ngurah Rai Airport,” he said.

On the other hand, BHA will also invite the foreign journalists for not to talk bad about Bali. If the news merely fulfilled by the negative side, he said, it could scare the APEC delegations.

He did not deny that Bali was currently crowded, because the construction of APEC facility infrastructure projects.

The situation would change if the project has been completed.

“If we had a promotion to abroad in strategic countries, we always said that Bali is ready to welcome APEC,” he said.

He expected there were specific agencies addressing the conference in Bali so that it could maintain the guests who come to the island not only as activities involving the state guests.

“The meeting of professionals like doctors, engineers, and other associations should be worked out therefore Bali was not deserted after APEC,” he said.

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