First Competition of Night Surfing Uluwatu Beach


Sunday, 7th of October, 2012 the first surfing competition at night was held in Uluwatu, Bali. A total of 30 professional surfers from around the world compete with each other during this first night event. Uluwatu beach is among the surfers one of the best places to surf. The other top locations are the beaches in California (U.S.), Gold Coast (Australia) and Hawaii (U.S.), so it is always searched by professional surfers from all over the world.

“The participants come from all countries in the world, such as Hawaii, Australia, France, Morocco, Spain, Brazil and of course Indonesia,” said Tai Graham, organizer of the race in Uluwatu and owner of Single Fin. Surf race at night is very challenging because it is held at one of the beach that has notorious waves and is challenging throughout the World. Fortunately, Uluwatu has the space and facility to have a competition at night.

Tai Graham explained that the height of waves during this race was around two meters. “The waves of Uluwatu are unpredictable. We cannot control the weather and the waves, but fortunately the height of the waves at this time is shorter than three days ago,” Tai said.

According to Tai Graham, he had good response for this event. With one of the legends of professional surfers in Bali, Made Kasim, he collaborates for this night competition. Next year this night surfing competition will be held again in Uluwatu. Tai Graham came up with this idea when he was drinking a beer at Single Fin. He saw the moon shining to the ocean and thought about a surfing competition at night.

Meanwhile, three young professional surfers in Indonesia have earned a “wild card” during their participation Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Junior Championship in Bali.”All three surfers who got the ‘wild card’ were the winners of the last race test this morning,” said PR Oakley Indonesia, Luzi Sanjaya, an organizer of The Oakley ASP World Junior Championships.

Three surfers who will compete with 45 young international surfers are Hairil Anwar, Anwar Gazali, and Nyoman Satria. According to Luzi, they managed to beat 30 other young surfers in the country, this race of ASP was held at Canggu, Badung regency. “This world-class windsurfing contest will be held in two locations, namely Canggu Beach (Badung) and Keramas Beach (Gianyar),” she said. The Oakley ASP World Junior Championships Bali will run from October 6 – 17.

Meanwhile, Anwar Hairil feels proud to have the opportunity to compete with famous surfers from around the world. “If I win this prestigious race, the prize money will be uses to go to other beaches in other parts of the world, and the rest is to buy a house,” he said. He is very eager to deal one on one with professional surfers from all over the world.

Anyone who joins this night surfer’s competition at Uluwatu can win nice prizes. The first winner of the race will receive a few nights at the honeymoon suite at the Blue Point Bay Villas and Spa, it costs 1,000 dollars. In addition, there is also gold plated watch of the brand Vestal worth of 1,000 dollars and a prize of 2 million rupiah.

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