Jakarta to Raise Parking Fee in Mid-October


The Jakarta Administration will raise off-street parking fee in the region from Rp2000 to Rp3000 per hour in mid-October, with a view to reducing the number of cars in the capital, according to an official.

The regional regulation of parking has been passed by the administration, noting that the off-street parking fee will be raised by Rp1000 per hour in mid-October. Some shopping centres and private buildings have also raised their parking fee.

“I think Rp3000 per hour for off-street parking is still too cheap. The Jakarta Transportation Council would agree if a parked car is charged Rp5000 per hour,” Head of Jakarta Transportation Council Azas Tigor Nainggolan said here on Monday.

Nainggolan added that the regulation is not intended to increase the regional income, but is aimed at reducing the number of vehicles in Jakarta.

“We recommend the regulation to be a controlling instrument for number of vehicles. If the fee is expensive, people might think twice before driving their cars. Hence, the traffic could be reduced,” he said.

This would only lead to a reduction in the number of on-street parking lots, which take up 40 percent of road-space. There are around 16,000 on-street parking lots in Jakarta.

Nainggolan also hoped that on-street parking lots disappear in the future as there are abundant off-street parking lots, totalling around 130,000, in Jakarta.

The increase in parking fee is expected to increase the regional income to Rp400 billion in 2013, while 2012’s corresponding income was only Rp200 billion.

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