Surfers recommend Bali to the World


A number of professional surfers in Bali assess if the services of his predecessors who had been introduced to the island as best island in the eyes of the world. As of today Bali has become a vacation destination for the people in and especially outside of Indonesia.

“Without the information of our predecessors, who has opened the eyes of the world about the beauty and charm of the beaches in Bali, we would never have known the environment of Bali,” says Tai Graham, owner of Single Fin. Tai Graham is a professional surfer from Australia who lives in Bali already for several years. According to Tai, Bali was discovered in the early 1970’s to the world of surfing.

He mentioned that Albert Falzon, also known as Alby Falzon, has made a movie in Bali. It is called “Morning of the Earth”. Because of this movie, the Uluwatu beach is known among the surfers around the world. Uluwatu is one of the best places to surf, where you can catch the highest brutal waves.

“Just the presence of the film has made the eyes open to the world about surfing in Uluwatu, so it does not take long to make Bali become famous. The surfing world therefore contributes an important part in encouraging tourism in the region,” Tai said.

The movie portrays famous and unknown surfers alike (including Nat Young and Gerry Lopez) living in spiritual harmony with nature, making their own boards (and even their own homes) as they traveled in search of the perfect wave. In the movie it was told that Uluwatu beach is five hours of walking from Kuta, to get there people had to walk about 30 kilometers or take a motorbike, because at the time there wasn’t any infrastructure yet. Back in the 70’s surfers were using the boards with a single fin. Nowadays the surfboards have three or four fins.

Many surfers from all over the world fly into an area to surf and spend a long time at one place. With the current facilities it is easy to go anywhere around the world to surf.

There are several top locations to surf, such as Hawaii, The U.S. (California), Australia and of course Bali.

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