Jembrana People Demanded More Senior High Schools


People in Jembrana regency, Bali, requesting the additional school buildings in Pekutatan Sub District since so far there are only Pekutatan and PGRI Senior High Schools.

“The sub district area is quite extensive and the number of school-age youth continues to grow, then it should be an additional of new school,” said I Wayan Watra, Pekutatan resident to Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha at the working visit to the respective district on Tuesday.

According to him, two high schools are not able to accommodate graduates of junior high school in Pekutatan Sub District therefore there are a lot of students who had to continue their education in Mendoyo and Negara Sub District which quite far in distance.

Since the distance is quite far, then the parents are forced to pay the cost of boarding house for their children.

“We therefore hoped, the Regent can issue a policy to increase the number of high school in this sub district,” said Watra.

The similar wish also presented by Nyoman Badra, who said, that parents worried about children’s development when they should be lived at boarding house.

“If the high school here can accommodate all junior high school graduates, our children do not need to rent the house so they can be controlled directly by the parents,” he said.

Related to this request, Regent Artha said his party is conducting a study to establish tourism vocational schools in Pekutatan Sub District.

He saw a lot of potential for tourism in Pekutatan Sub District therefore human resources need to be prepared in the sector.

In some recent days, the Regent Artha with the vice regent I Made Kembang Hartawan along with other Jembrana government officials down to the villages to stay in touch and absorb the people aspirations.

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