Tilem to Mark The Worshipping Ritual to God of Sun

‘Tilem’ has a meaning of the worshipping ritual to God of Sun, in Tilem, praying and worshipping are carried out to invoke blessings and gift of Hyang Widhi. Tilem ceremony performed every night during a new moon (Krsna Paksa), once every 30 days.

In Tilem, it is expected all Hindus worship and pray with a series of yadnya ritual. Hindus believe in the day of Tilem has a primacy in self-purify and serve as smelter of any kind of dirt or “mala” in human, as well as coinciding with Sanghyang Suryabeyoga or meditate upon the Almighty God, Sanghyang Widhi plead for safety.

The holy day is implemented during a day, where carrying out Tilem all Hindus in Bali, should purify themselves spiritually and physically by saying a prayer, through gratitude to God as a grateful expression to Hyang Widhi (God Almighty ) with all His bless

Before conducting Tilem ceremony, we should wash our body first by bathing cleanly, then begging Hyang Widhi or God’s grace to be pure spiritually and physically. It is very important, since within a pure soul, lies a crystal clear mind.

There is a terrible temper in human, and human in Tilem day, particularly Hindus, do self-cleaning and purification, as it is the one thing that is very important in achieving essential happiness, especially in connection with the worshiping Hyang Widhi.

Tilem day has intimately connected and inseparable with the full moon day.

In Purwa Gama palm-leaf manuscript is mentioned as Purnama and Tilem coming, let people perform prayers and ritual worship of Sang Hyang Widhi to invoke self-purification, blessings and prosperity.

Purity is very important in human beings especially probity, by performing the ceremony on the day Tilem (self-purification), people must get closer to Hyang Widhi because He (God Almighty) who the one can give, it is expected through worshiping, Sang Hyang Widhi could heard and fulfill the intent and self-desire to be holy once more.

Any kind of prayers and supplications to the Creator (God Almighty), it ought to be done earnestly, through all sincerity, resignation and self probity and if Hyang Widhi hearing, granting and permitting our prayer and it will be achieved the aims and objectives of what we expected.

In Bali, there is a ceremony every day, various ceremony activities have the same meaning, the man is taught to always remember and introspective about the greatness and majesty of the Creator (God Almighty), because he is the ruler of the universe and its contents.

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