A model showed a dress made of endek cloth which was created by Balinese designers. Endek is a kind of woven cloth unique to Bali island which is now being marketed abroad. One of the destination is Australia.

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  1. black friday deals Says:

    I like all the cleaning tips, but most of them don’t give the dilution amounts. Is it full strength for all cleaning or 50/50?
    Also, I have heard it was good for cleaning pre-finished wood floors. Has anyone ever tried it for that? And what strength did you use? I need something to clean my pre-finished, light colored wood floors without leaving a film behind.

  2. black friday deals Says:

    Hi Brenda,
    Full strength HP is used as rocket fuel! It is DANGEROUS!
    The % figures quoted are the dilution of full strength.
    If you buy 35% I would think that a 5% dilution would be ok for floors ( a 1 to 7 dilution of 35%)
    Remember that the cleaning effect is really bleaching.
    Just mop or spray it on lightly and let it dry, if you need it a bit lighter do it again.

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