Attraction “Sampi Gerumbungan” Amazes Tourists


Sampi Gerumbungan or bull racing is one of popular attraction in Lovina beach, Bali. It is a traditional bull racing of the regency Buleleng of Bali, which was held at Festival Lovina in the village of Kaliasem.

This attraction is held at Festival Lovina and it amazes a lot of foreign tourists. “This was not an ordinary race. It is about the compatibility of how a jockey controls the bulls, so they can run orderly,” said Ahlam Mostoghanemi, a tourist from the UK. She was the first who witnessed this attraction. “We got this information from the hotel where we were staying,” said the woman from UK.

Head of Culture and Tourism of Buleleng, Jro Ketut Warkadea, revealed that the attraction “Sampi Gerumbungan” is not only held at Lovina Festival. It is also held at the Independence Day in the city of Singaraja. “This is a traditional attraction of Buleleng’s art that must be preserved and kept, ” he said.

Several pair of bulls, harness with yokes, pulling a sort of sled and oversize wooden bells called ” Gerumbungan” hung on their necks. Running a cross the muddy filed back and forth competing to be the best.

It is not about speed, but how the bulls runs in harmony, while the jockeys tries to control them.

This event “Sampi Gerumbungan” is actually an opportunity for farmers of Buleleng regency to come together and to celebrate a bountiful harvest, as well to express their gratitude to God.

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