Lawmakers Highlight Elementary Students’ Textbook Containing Pornographic Materials


Chairman of Commission A Jembrana Parliament, Bali, Ida Bagus Suarjana said his party will ask the Education, Youth, Sports, Tourism and Cultural Office related to material of Physical Education book (penjas) of fifth grade of elementary school contained porno things.

“We will ask the problem of the book when meeting with the Education, Youth, Sports, Tourism and Cultural Office (Dikporaparbud). Due to this public spotlight, we have sought to clarify the matter,” Suarjana said Monday.

Suarjana admitted that he had asked via telephone about the book’s problem to the Chairman of Education, Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism Office.

(Dikporaparbud) Jembrana, Nengah Alit, and get the answer that the book came from the Ministry of Education and its content was through the study.

He also believed it since the book comes from the central institution, the textbook materials have been through a variety of considerations, but especially for the Penjas book in fifth grade of elementary school, the grasp of the students were different in each region.
“In big cities like Jakarta, for example, the book’s materials might not matter. But if in the area such as Jembrana, since the book explaining sex and reproduction are still considered taboo, it may be raised protests from parents,” said Suarjana.

According to Suarjana, reproductive education in early age is good to be implemented, but it remains that the subject teaching must be carefully done in order not to deviate from the path of school education.
Ni Ketut Trisnawati Bulan, the member of the Commission A added, the ability of teachers was required in order to explain the students about human reproduction material in the book.

“So the teachers who teach the students should also have an understanding in the field, so that if a student asked towards it, the teacher will not confuse to answer it,” she said.

It had previously reported that parents objected to the textbook of Physical Education (penjas) in fifth grade of elementary school, because they considered human reproduction materials are pornography.
The Head of Basic Education of Dikporaparbud Jembrana, I Nyoman Wenten said he would not withdraw the textbook.

“We think the content and the language is still normative, and feasible as early lessons about reproduction for students,” he said.

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